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Hatch Tales, Remake Of Late-Era 3DS eShop Title, Launching March 28


The title formerly known as Chicken Wiggle Workshop has had a hell of a road.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/65043/hatch-tales-remake-of-late-era-3ds-eshop-title-launching-march-28It took several years and a name change, but the former Chicken Wiggle Workshop now has a release date.Following a 2018 Kickstarter campaign, backers have been notified by publisher Atooi that the title now known as Hatch Tales will release on March 28 - roughly six years to the day of the original campaign. The original 3DS version launched following the release of the Switch in 2017, and the Switch version was intended to add a level editor.Talk Nintendo Podcast host Perry Burkum was one of the composers attached to the project.

As a backer, Im glad Donald posted this early.

Its also great to finally have a release date. I cant believe the game has taken so long. I hope it will be worth the wait

I got chicken wiggle as part of the atooi collection on 3DS but have not gotten around to playing it yet. I have enjoyed all the atooi games I have played so far. Glad to see this one getting another shot. It would be funny if the new switch comes out early spring and this one suffers the same fate as it did on the tail end of the 3DS.


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