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Backlaugust 2023! (Forums Aren't Dead Yet?) Edition

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My Backlaugust ended at the three games I mentioned before but in my defence I did propose to and impregnate my girlfriend in August and had been meaning to do those for a while. We’re still awaiting confirmation as to which happened first.

Looking forward to finding out if I need to bring a gift or a shotgun to the wedding.


--- Quote from: sniper00q on December 30, 2023, 08:44:17 AM ---Echos of Starsong has been waiting for me as well as Eastward but that is probably pretty long being an RPG so I’ll be sure to keep League of Enthusiastic Losers on standby for a quick sugar hit. Part of me really wants to knock over Xenoblade 2 so I can justify buying Xeno 3.
Goddamn I’ve been falling behind in my reading lately too, all because of Zelda. Damn I should’ve known to leave Ganon for August to do that too!

--- End quote ---

Stupid spambot. I know a RABicle post when I see one!


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