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Anthology Shows :Black Mirror, Twilight Zone, and now Amazing Stories

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I would make a thread for each one individually, but I'm going to say that as time moves forward each will be influencing the other.

I hope they bring back The Outer Limits. They were going to make a new Tales From the Crypt, but there was some weird rights dispute.

I'm still waiting for Black Mirror Season 5.

You know what is odd? There is this website called Radiotimes that seems to always have the same article about Black Mirror season 5 if you google it. Only, it is always updated nearly every day. So, you almost think that it is new news. I go through the website, and it could just be some weird click baity website, but it also might be some weird Bandersnatch Easter Egg.

Twilight Zone has been excellent. They've really brought back their A game. This is definitely the best Twilight Zone cinematically since the first one.

Super Bowl Trailer

Extended Trailer

The Comedian

Nightmare at 30,000 Feet


A Traveler

The Wunderkind

Six Degrees of Freedom

Not All Men

Point of Origin



Only 3 episodes this season...

I'm glad they keep is short.

Only make the episodes that are fully baked concepts.
They aren't pushing for syndication, so no need to force an episode count and lower the quality/status of the show.

Yes and no. They just took so long to make this season that it feels like for the time they spent making these they should have more content regardless of the quality. I subscribe to netflix for like three - five series at this point, and I'm looking at cancelling if the best they can do is 3 to 5 hours. They've had a year and a half. A lot of the other series they release have half hour episodes and like 5 of them. I can reason Charlie Brooker wanting to keep the series pure, but Netflix needs a low rent backend version of Black Mirror if this is the case. If I were Netflix I'd nab Larry David and pair him with a scifi writer.


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