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Noah is old Noah...they won't let that character evolve or learn moral clarity.  He is doing it all for Claire, but in reality he is just driving her away STILL.  Annoying.

Matt Parkman getting precognition is a stupid plot device.  Every season they focus on the idea of changing the future so they must show it with either precognition or time hence someone needs a new ability...whey not Matt Parkman.  What is annoying is Parkman has one of the most powerful abilities if they just let him cut loose. 

I like that Peter doesn't have his full abilities, but now that just means Sylar is literally unbeatable as a villain.  Seriously the only 2 people that could defeat him were Peter and Hiro and both of them have lost their powers.  Yes, they proved Sylar can be defeated with a shot in the back of the head, but really...that won't happen too easily.  AND WHY IS HE ALIVE!!!! 

Nathan seems to be acting strange for his motivation.  Last Volume he wanted to make an army of "powered" individuals, but now since that possibility is gone he wants to round them up?  Why?  It is like there is no reason for that except for him being a spoiled brat...well if I can't have my super army I will just round them up for their own good.

As for the future stuff, this is what I have come to understand about Time travel and Precognition on the show.  Time Travel will take you into the actual past, but will only take you into the most probable future, but not necessarily the actual future.  This is why they can go back in time and change the events leading to that future it is not definite.  However, Precognition shows what WILL happen period.  You are not moving into a definitive time, but seeing what events will happen no matter what course of action you take.  None of the precognitions in the show have been stopped.  Even the courses of actions you want to take to stop the event will lead to it.

So when Hiro went into the future Ando killed Hiro and that was one future and it was prevented.  But the people that went into the future does not know that future will not come true, so they can reference it and even believe it WILL come true, but still won't.

I really hate that they took Hiro's ability from him, because it was done totally because the writers couldn't tell good stories with it...what was annoying was with Daphne around they were already hinting that Hiro's power was limited:  "If you could stop time we would not be having this conversation."  There was a limit to Hiro's ability lets explore that instead of taking the power away.  I hate that he has NOTHING.  He should either have teleportation (boring power get rid of it) or limited time manipulation (awesome power) but not both.

I am actually ok with the revisioning of Peter's power, it doesn't make him overpowered and makes him more interesting...but his reset just makes it more frustrating that Sylar is still alive, because we will never get a true all out throw down between Sylar and Peter again.  Not one in the same way we would hope. 

Prognostication isn't definitive. If it was, New York would have blown up like the painting on the floor has always shown. That's another that will bug. We can see people go to the future and change it and we saw them prevent New York blowing up like the painting shows so why can't they prevent other paintings.

I also hope they didn't actually take Hiro's ability away because the writers found that they were so bad at using him they kept tripping over how it should work and created their own plotholes and so to prevent more mistakes, they just removed it. I disagree that teleportation is a boring power.

Speaking of Sylar, the power to know when someone is lying may be one of the best powers ever. Especially when added to his already formable arsenal. I'd like to see that power spread around. While I agree he should be dead, let's face it, he's the reason to watch the show. He's one of the best villains that has been created in a long time and he brings the most tension and suspense to the show.

Here's a question. The Haitian seems to have the ability to nullify other people's powers as well as remove memories. Does this mean the Haitian could block all of Sylar's abilities if he's standing next to him? That's the one thing I've never got. With all the times people have tried to kill Sylar, that is the first person I would think of bringing with me.

As for Nathan, like I said, I think we'll learn more yet of what his plan is all about. If it is just because he's upset with his plans getting spoiled by the end of the Vol. 3 and so wants these people rounded up, that would be kind if sad.

1)  No the Precognition of New York was accurate.  A nuclear blast did occur in New York.  It was just over the city instead of on the Street Level.  They could not stop the blast.  Nathan just took Peter up to save lives.  Precog still definitive.

2)Teleportation isn't boring, but compared to Time Manipulation it is.  I think it is the combining of the powers that made Hiro too powerful and that is why I wish he had one or the other, and if I had to choose I would rather him have time manipulation.  I understand the whole combining the theory of Time and Space into a power but that should not work as teleportation and Time Manipulation.

3)Sylar is an ok villain, but he is becoming stale.  Ben from LOST is easily the most interesting villain on television right now.  Sylar is too wishy washy. 

4)yes, the Haitian could block all of Sylar's ability, he did it with Aurthor Petrelli's ability...which is basically the same as Sylar's but different.  Also, I hated how they dropped the plot line that Sylar and Peter's powers may be more similar than they appear. 

Ho ho, great stuff. I wonder who this rebel is. I know in Season 1 they briefly showed someone called the Wi-Fi Woman or something like that. I wonder if they are bringing her back. She seems to have the capability to be able to send out messages like that. At the same time, you'd think it was someone close to the Nathan's organization to know who is being hunted.

The Hunter is slowly becoming a very ruthless villian. That's good. The show needs more villians instead of just Sylar. It's going to be interesting to see what Sylar does now that he is on to Nathan's plan. I have a feeling that Sylar isn't going to kill the kid he's with. The Hunter may do that with Sylar killing the Hunter in revenge.

Looking forward to next episode. Noah is still the man for me. He's like the Batman of the show. He's got no powers but he's smart like Batman and can go toe-to-toe with any of these people with powers. Last time he was interrogated, we got "Company Man", best episode of Season 1. It would be great if we could see another episode like that. The series needs it. It should be good regardless.

Not much else to say about this episode. Knew Nathan would get the funding, more mystery on Sylar's dad, Claire speaking through clenched teeth a lot. Claire is going to go down pretty soon. Way to reckless.

So far Volume 4 has not been disappointing.  This is the best volume of the show so far, and feels much closer to the first season of Heroes than the others.

Noah is very much a Batman character, flawed and damaged, but still highly capable.

The Rebel is interesting, I like the character, but who can it be?  Personally, I hope it is Micah, because I feel they have not finished that storyline, and he could easily be caught and yet still gather Intel.  But reality is they will not be going that direction, instead I would put money on the Angela Petrelli being the rebel.  She is playing Nathan, and she would have the resources to be the Rebel. 

I can't decide if I like the direction they are taking Sylar, the more they humanize him the less interesting he gets.  He isn't a villain anymore, at least not in the I am truly evil since.  I find myself rooting for him to succeed more than scared of what it means if he does succeed...and this doesn't make a good villain. 

The best new character is the Bounty Hunter, which is going to turn on Nathan very quickly, once he realizes Nathan has powers.  I am waiting for that twist where Nathan's great planning will be his undoing.  It is only a matter of time. 


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