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So, does anyone on these boards still watch Heroes? I know it has gone through a dumb patch in Vol 3 but Vol 4 is starting up really well at the moment.

I'm pretty frustrated by the general lack of events per episode so far.  I still feel like I'm watching trailers for the season and not actual episodes.

I'm also pissed that Sylar is being so evil again.  He was much better when he was having his identity struggle.

I'm also pissed about how the latest episode ended.  There's no way a bullet should be able to hit someone that fast.  She'd be able to react to the gun shot noise and be out of there before the bullet even hit her.

I am pissed that Sylar is still alive. 

If you have an interesting villain you don't have to keep them alive forever tell their story and let them be.
This episode felt completely like a second part of the first episode of volume 1.  And, that is too bad those 2 episodes should have been aired together. 

I missed the premier episode. Could someone correct me if I'm wrong?

Basically, Nathan is carrying out his plan with the U.S. President to round up those with abilities right? Why is Noah Bennet working with Nathan? And why is Mohinder, Matt Parkman, Hiro and Ando together? And what is Peter up to these days?

That's one thing I'm not sure. They haven't explained yet why Noah is with them. It was the one thing that bugged me last episode. That and Parkman being able to draw the future. Noah has stopped working with companies like this. Especially one that represents such a threat to his daughter.

Frankly, from what I gather in the last episode, Nathan is basically copying the company, Primatech, and rounding up people with abilities. But he's doing it his way and that's why he refused Angela's help. What this means I'm not sure. Either he wants to take the abilities away or he may want to control them and use these as an army like he was going to do at the end of volume three.

As for Noah, like I said, his part in this just feels wrong even if he thinks its to help his daughter. He's worked with these heroes before and knows that while some are a threat, most have been instrumental in stopping big disasters. He wouldn't hurt Peter despite the two chances he had. Heck, he tried to bring down the company. I figured seeing Claire on the plane would have caused him to turn on this operation but he hasn't yet. I still think he's going to try to bring it down. He seems to know that it could be dangerous and doesn't trust the hunter.

Getting back to Parkman, this is the biggest thing that bugs me. Parkman already has some awesome abilities but now they've had to add prognostication as well? That seems to be the issue with the show. They want to show what the threat is and they do that by showing future events that have to be stopped. But then, they kill off the person who sees them. In the case of Peter and Hiro travelling through time, they've now removed the time traveling ability. Jusy keep the prognosticator alive. Or leave it altogether.

That's the one thing that has me excited about this volume. In the other volumes, the heroes always start off on seperate paths and then begin to interconnect. In this volume, the heroes have all met up now in the second episode and formulated a plan of action. Yes, they are splitting up but they know they are all working together and the threat isn't something that requires knowledge of the future. It is now. But I guess they needed to use the pictures to seperate the characters.

It was awesome to see Matt use his power to escape a bunch of military guys firing at him. How does a guy with mind powers escape something like that? Brilliant. And contrary to what Mohinder said, I doubt Nathan would let Hiro go, powers or not. Hiro knows too much about the operation and knows his secret. Peter's escape was pretty clever too. I didn't expect him to get out of there. And now we know that the formula didn't give him his power back and everything's normal again. He can only keep a power at a time. Which is disappointing. The scene on the plane when he was touching all the other heroes seemed much neater when I thought he was gaining a ton of powers to quickly become unstoppable.

All in all, this volume is starting off good and I'm enjoying it, which it is all about. Entertainment. They were wrong about this being a fresh slate. They do reference a few things from before. Like Hire being killed by Ando. I thought that had to do with the formula in Volume 3 and nothing like what Hiro saw even came close to coming about. Is that future still a threat?


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