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Nintendo Announces Wii MotionPlus

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There's no way for this to be backwards compatible is there? I assume the accelerometer data is parsed at the software level, not calculated by the wii hardware and sent upstream.

This could make for some awesome WiiWare games

DAMMIT now i have to rewrite my post

i was replying to someones post about 1up speculating this would be packed in with punch out. I was going to debate that due to having one hand (whichever you hold the nunchuk in) gimped because it wouldnt be as advance as the wiimote w/motion+ adaptor.

then i corrected myself because you could just use two wiimotes for it, and then realized you'd still be gimped. Why? Well if it was packaged with Punch Out! you'd only have one adaptor, yet have to use 2 wiimotes. that'd be FAIL.

If this thing actually works, and improves accuracy significantly I'm all for it.

Project Hammer is back in fucking town with this thing and it'll be all swing it round your fucken head nonstop actiuon!


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