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Kirby and the Forgotten Land HYPE THREAD!!! Kirby in 3D!!!



I'm kind of legit super hyped for this. Kirby in 3D roaming around a post apocalyptic hellscape? Sign me up!

I'm also pretty excited for this.  A new Kirby feels past due, but being in full 3D is the exact kind of thing that really amps it up for me.

Of all the games in the latest Direct, this was the one I was most interested in. It looked gorgeous and I like how they did not give too much away. I will be avoiding any more footage until release as I am sold on getting this day one.

I've been wishing for a 3D Kirby since the N64 era. I was happy to see the Crystal Shards and Yoshi's Story but I was always disappointed they didn't make the big 3D jump. After Sunshine I thought for sure Yoshi would get his own 3D Adventure by the Wii. By the time Return To Dreamland came out I completely gave up on both franchises going 3D.

What a time to be alive! It looks really nice if a little simple so far but I am so happy this is being attempted. Bout time something other than Mario gets a 3D platformer!


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