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Today is my 9-year anniversary on NWR.

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I don't really have a punchline, unless you consider my insanely short time writing for NWR one. Hey-oooooo!


I’m approaching 15 years so I will be taking my leave soon.

I've been in the network since 1999. I started off on opn2000 then that sort of merged with planetn2000 and then that became planetgamecube and that turned into nwr. Really crazy to think how far we've come since then. In the oldest version of the forums I told everyone I was a swamp creature made of broccoli. I rememeber I uploaded a drawing of my character and then they took our ability to post pictures away. We had to cater to dial up speeds back then. I'm 37, I've been here since I was 15.

Apparently I registered with the site in 2016 so I am coming up on 5 years.

Depends on the iteration. I followed the old N2000 and other proto-NWR sites, and I've also gone by alternate names in the past, so its got to be close to 20 years now I suppose. Expect I'll be a forum rat here for the life of the site or my lifetime, whichever comes first.


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