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Super Nintendo Lineup For Switch Online Adds Three More Rarities

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Labo Super Scope Kit! I like it!

Labo already has a gun thing, right? Like a bazooka? So, as far as I'm concerned, the leg work is already done.

I've never heard of these, they look interesting, and I'll check them out. I'm also hoping they add some more obscure first party games too, like all of those spin-off Mario games, or maybe even some of the Satellaview content.

Give us Hotel Mario, Wand of Gamelon, and Mario Teaches Typing!

Mop it up:
It's the weirdest thing...

"Bombuzal" is the Japanese name of the game, but in the US, it's titled "Kablooey." The version here is the US version, complete with "Kablooey" on the title screen, but the box on the selection list is the US box with "Bombuzal" edited in place of "Kablooey." Why would they bother to do this? Is there some reason they can't call it "Kablooey" anymore? Doesn't anyone else care to get to the bottom of this?! I gotta know!!!!!!

...Ahem. I mainly know this since I actually have the cartridge. It's a decent puzzle game with confusing controls, but Charlie Blast's Territory on N64 does the concept better.

As far as more additions go, there are still more Nintendo-published titles they could add, I wonder why they aren't. Some which come to mind are EarthBound, Wario's Woods, and Yoshi's Cookie. There's also Super Mario RPG, but I'm still confused about who all has the rights to it.

I'd definitely be into Khushrenada's suggestion of Super Scope games, I was always curious about that thing but never tracked one down.


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