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Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 430: Dad Humor Overload
« on: May 20, 2015, 09:30:44 AM »
"Look, all we want is a game that

1) supports the Wii U gamepad and the in a big and meaningful way that is integral to the experience.

2) supports off tv play, meaning the game can be played on one screen
   -It also needs to support the Wii U Pro Controller, but not the classic controller of course because screw those guys.

These two ideas are clearly, in no way, shape, or form, at odds with eachother"

That strawman falls apart when you consider the fact that the people asking for meaningful Gamepad implementation aren't necessarily the same people who want Pro Controller support online in a game like a Splatoon. Or when you consider the fact that it's blatantly obvious how you could implement Pro Controller support online (despite the Gamepad being integrated well), or use both at the same time. Meaningful Gamepad implementation and Pro Controller support are by no means mutually exclusive.

Like I said, lack of Pro Controller support online alone isn't a big deal to me. I'm not going to skip this game over a lack of Pro Controller support. But it's the newest addition on a growing list of curious omissions and at some point people are inevitably going to start questioning it, or wondering what's next.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 430: Dad Humor Overload
« on: May 19, 2015, 05:55:24 PM »

Well no not really. Is just the Wii U is in a unique position where it supports multiple control options but nothing says the people should decide anything. The developers decide what control method they want to support.
Mario Galaxy didn’t support the classic or Pro. Tons of games haven’t supported other control options and I think it’s silly for people to complain about games not having unique wii u features then complain when pro support isn’t there. MMmm ok.
Zombi U didn’t support the Pro either for single player. I understand Splatoon doesn’t incorporate the pad as much as Zombi U but it still pretty important to look at the map on screen and to teleport. Now could you have a map on screen? Of course you can but the devs wanted you to take that risk reward of looking down on the pad but also being vulnerable like in zombie you when you manage inventory.
I find it hilarious that long timers here are getting defensive about me giving my opinion on their opinions. Lol.
I felt the conversation was a bit negative on a game we still don’t know much about. I would bet the house the game isn’t as feature loaded as other shooters just how Pikmin was a lighter take on its respective field. 
I go back to my previous comment about Iphone vs Androids. Splatoon will be a very polished, simpler and more approachable take on an established area.
Plus compare pikmin 1 with 3. Night and day except Splatoon has the ability to get patched and updated to flesh it out with time. Free updates too.
That’s my 2 cents.

My point wasn't that Nintendo should let people decide what controllers they support in their games. My point was that people should be able to decide for themselves what the best way to play the game is. That's why "the Gamepad is the better way to play" isn't a valid justification for a lack of Pro Controller support in online multiplayer, at least to me. The only reason the Pro Controller shouldn't be supported in online multiplayer is if Gamepad is so integral to the game that it'd be effectively impossible to play without it, or if they came up against some other hurdle related to working in Pro Controller support. We obviously know the latter can't be the reason since we know it's going to be in local multiplayer. And while I agree that this is one of the better ways they've used the Gamepad, it's not so integral that there is no way you could play without it. And you don't even necessarily have to play without it; like Jonny said, there's no reason you can't have the Gamepad next to you while you're playing with the Pro Controller.

I don't think anyone is being particularly negative. People are just asking (legitimate) questions. You can be excited about a game and still have questions or doubts. I agree with what you said in your other post; people need to temper their expectations. I think you do that by thinking critically about the game after the excitement of playing the stress test has worn off (especially for those of us who were playing the game for the first time). If it's all excitement, all the time, that's how you end up being disappointed and possibly disliking a good game simply because it couldn't live up to your lofty expectations. If you go into it with your eyes wide open, at least you already know where the potential shortcomings might be and can devote more time to appreciating the parts of the game that are actually good.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 430: Dad Humor Overload
« on: May 19, 2015, 01:32:44 PM »

I know some people prefer pro controllers but in this game with the map being soooo important and the instant jump to positions why oh why would you choose the pro over the pad?

People complain that Nintendo should include the pad more often and then they do basically is like no pro support no deal. Aye.

I think being Nintendo fans you should temper expectations. I think it's clear by now that splatoon won't be like call of duty or other shooters in online options features and support. Mario kart and smash kept it simple as well. It's the Nintendo way and to compare splatoon to other shooters is silly.

I mean call of duty is the android of shooters and splatoon is the iPhone. People who have iPhones Accept simplicity but highly optimized experience. You want androids go get an android but don't have one and wish it was like the other.

to be fair I wasn't sold on the game until the direct and demo. Those two combined really sold me on the game. I'm not a big online shooter guy (except halo 2 back in the day) but this game was tons of fun without some jack ass calling me every four letter word in the book.

People should be able to decide for themselves how they like to play the game, rather than having a single decision forced on them, and that's the issue. If a Pro Controller and an on-screen map don't make for as good an experience as playing with the Gamepad, people will go back to playing with the Gamepad. Personally, after playing the game, I think I'd prefer an on-screen map (even if it wasn't as good). I'd definitely prefer the feel of the Pro Controller for a game like this. At the very least, I'd like to have the option to try it.

If they don't support the Pro Controller online, it's not a huge deal for me. But I said the same thing about no voice chat. And friend matching not coming until August. And no loadout changes during matches. Individually these aren't huge issues, but collectively they're a little troubling. It doesn't leave a lot of room for other shortcomings in the game, a lot of which the guys brought up on the show. You're right; Splatoon is a different enough concept that it shouldn't be directly compared to most other shooters. That doesn't mean you should lower the bar for features that are pretty basic and have been for many, many years though. It's not an issue of the game not having tons of features like the newest iteration of CoD, it's about the game seemingly missing standard features. I'm sure the core gameplay is going to be fun as hell, but I still wish Nintendo would stop giving people reasons not to get this game. They should be going out of their way to eliminate as many obstacles as possible since how good this game ultimately ends up being depends on how large and invested the community is going to be.

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