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The Rules
(plagiarized from Pyropizm)

How To Play

Every game day, each player is allowed to vote for whomever they believe is mafia or other role that is in opposition to the townie majority. Since all roles remain anonymous, mafia members and the other opposing roles will vote along with the townies.

The Mafia is a small group of players who know each other and who else is actually Mafia. The Townies and Other roles generally do not know who else is in their groups and are working blindly against that organized force. The game is based off the social idea of what happens when an organized minority is pitted against an unorganized majority.

For each game day, a new thread will be made and will open up with a narrative.  Each player then has the chance to vote off another player.  Simply type in BOLD for whom you wish to vote. For example, to vote for the player Bill Aurion then you would include the message Vote Bill Aurion in a post you make.

You may change your vote as much as you like. However, if you change your vote do not delete your post. Just edit it to indicate that you have changed your mind. You could remove the bold font from the vote you want to change and add the suffix un to it so that Vote Bill Aurion would become un-vote Bill Aurion or you could strike out the text.

If a player has two or more votes in a thread such as Vote Bill Aurion and Vote Khushrenada then neither vote will count. One of those votes must be undone for the other to be counted. The host will try to alert a player to this issue if it occurs as quickly as possible to keep things running smoothly although it may also be pointed out by other players if they notice it.

Every night, the mafia is able to make one hit. That means they can select a player they wish to eliminate from the game. These are not based on calendar numbers but rather on game days. The players who are Mafia are told this by the host and what their position in the Mafia is.

For the townies to win, they must remove all mafia members and any other roles that may be in opposition to them.

For the mafia to win, they only need to tie the game. I.E., there could be four players left in the game and two are townie members and two are mafia members. The Mafia would win at having equaled the number of townies left. They do not need to eliminate everyone. However, if there is another role that isn't in the townie category like a Killer role then the Mafia would still need to eliminate that role to claim victory even if they equal or surpass the number of townie players left.

For a role that isn't in the Townie or Mafia faction then their win condition will be listed in the description of their role.

Majority Vote Rule

Each game day can last a maximum of 36 - 48 hours depending on what the host selects for that day.

The maximum day length period will be mentioned each day in the Announcements post for that Day’s Thread.

Game Days can end sooner if the player’s reach a majority vote and it stays unchanged for 90 minutes. Example: Let's imagine there are 16 players and 9 players vote Player A, 3 vote for Player B and 1 votes for Player C. In this case, Player A would be voted out provided there's no change in Player A's vote total in the 90 minutes starting from when the 9th vote was cast making the vote a majority vote. The day would end after the 90 minutes wait even if there was still hours to go in the maximum day period.

In the case of 16 players, 9 votes is the majority. Even if other players hadn't voted yet, it doesn't matter since all the remaining votes combined could only equal 7 which is a minority vote. I will post a reminder of the number of votes needed to reach a majority each day in the Announcements post for that Game Day.

If the Majority Vote Changes After The Countdown Begins

Let's say that the 9th vote was cast for Player A but an hour later, the 7th person to vote Player A decides to change their vote from Player A to Player B. However, 20 minutes after that change, another player logs on and votes for Player A restoring the 9 votes against Player A. In this example, Player A would not be eliminated in 10 minutes from the new 9th vote. The majority vote was lost in between that 90 minute wait period. Even though the majority was restored within that first initial 90 minute wait period, a new 90 minute wait period starts from when the new 9th vote cast.

Likewise, let’s say in the above scenario that the 7th player to vote Player A changes their vote an hour into the Majority Vote countdown to Player B. But then 15 minutes later decides to change their vote back to Player A. Player A would not be eliminated in 15 minutes with the restored majority. The Majority Vote had been broken and the countdown must start anew even though it had been restored to its original form in this example.

If a Majority Vote Is Not Achieved

If a majority vote isn't reached before 48 hours is up then whoever has the most votes at the end of the Game Day voting period is the one voted out. So, if the votes are 6 for Player A, 5 for Player B, and 3 for Player C, then Player A is voted out because of having the highest vote total even though 2 players didn't vote and could have put Player B in a higher vote total but did not do so before the voting time had ended.

Voting Tiebreaker

If, at the end of the voting period, the result is a tie then a random selection will be handled by the host. All players will be up for possible elimination along with the option that no one gets eliminated and it will be a random draw as to the result of who gets eliminated by that day's vote.

Resolving Orders

I see the game as divided by its Day and Night sections. If a player with an ability is voted out during the day portion then they should not be able to use their ability at night since they were unable to reach that portion by being eliminated in the day.

If two or more players have the ability to make a hit and eliminate a player of their choosing and they all select the same target then all get credit for the elimination and no one is told the target has already been taken out or selected by another player. As well, if players who have the ability to make a hit target each other then both or all hits would carry through and they would eliminate each other. One hit would not cancel the other hit from happening nor does it matter who sent in a hit first. Timestamps do not matter. In addition, let's say that Player A sends in an order to hit/eliminate Player B while Player C sends in an order to hit/eliminate Player A. Player A would be eliminated but that doesn't stop their hit against Player B who would also be eliminated still.
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The Townies

Townie Detective
  • Can investigate any player they choose to learn that player’s role. The only role that is hidden to the detective is the Godfather role.
  • Can submit their choice of investigation at any time during the same Day/Night cycle but they only get one investigation per cycle. If the detective wants to do an investigation as soon as a Game Day begins to get a quick result or wait until just before the night action deadline then either of those choices or some other time is fine.
  • Can change their choice of investigation up to an hour after submitting it. But once an hour has gone by, the choice is locked in and I will send that result to them. Even if the host was absent, if the original investigation time stamp shows an hour or more has passed when compared to the time stamp of the new submission then the original choice is locked in.
  • If the detective does not investigate a player during the same day and night cycle then the investigation opportunity is lost. It does not carry over automatically nor can the player stack up investigations to use at a later time.

Townie Doctor
  • Can protect any player they want from possibly being hit/eliminated during the night actions.
  • Can even choose to protect themselves up to two times during the game.
  • They are only allowed to select one player to protect each Game Night.
  • The Doctor cannot protect a player from being voted out.
  • The ability to protect cannot be carried over to another night nor can protections be saved up. If it isn’t used for a Night period then the opportunity is gone.

Townie Vigilante
  • Can eliminate any one player they want each Game Night period but there’s a catch. The player they eliminate must be a Mafia member.
  • If the Vigilante eliminates a player on the Townie side then the Vigilante will be considered an enemy of the townies and become the Killer role.
  • If the Vigilante becomes a Killer then they can no longer claim victory with the Townies and must now eliminate all other players to achieve a win (or reach a scenario in which there are two players left and one is a Townie and the other is the Killer). The Townies and Mafia also now need to eliminate the Killer in order for them to claim victory.
  • This ability cannot be stacked or saved. There is only one opportunity to use it per day and night cycle. If it is not used then the opportunity is lost for that cycle.
  • The Vigilante can send in the order at any time during the Day and Night cycle.
  • If an order has been submitted, the player can choose to cancel the order or select a different target up to an hour after first sending in their order. After an hour has passed then the order is locked in.

Regular Townies
  • Have no special abilities aside from their power to cast a vote during each Game Day's voting period.
  • Are allowed to communicate privately with other players if they wish to do so.
  • Use your wits and wiles to survive

The Seasons Mafia

The Godfather (Old Man Winter)
  • The Godfather is the only player whose identity cannot be accurately discovered by the Townie Detective. The identity of the Godfather will be revealed as a regular townie if investigated.
  • The Godfather can choose to target any player they would like to eliminate from the game. This is done in a private message to the host.
  • The Mafia Hit cannot be stacked or saved. If the Godfather does not send in an order to eliminate a player then the opportunity for that Game Night period is lost and does not carry over to the next night.
  • The Godfather can send in the hit order at any time during the same Day and Night cycle. The player could even send in the hit orders for future Game Days to come ahead of time if they wanted.
  • But if the Godfather has submitted an order then the player has only an hour to change their mind or cancel the order before that choice is locked in. After the hour is up then the Mafia is stuck with that choice.

Mafia Goon 1 (Mr. Spring)
  • This player will inherit the Mafia Hit if the Godfather is eliminated.
  • If Mr. Spring does inherit the Mafia Hit then the same rules for the Godfather apply to this player except their role would still not be hidden if investigated by the Townie detective.

Mafia Goon 2 (Sir Summer)
  • This player will inherit the Mafia Hit if The Godfather and Mafia Goon 1 are eliminated.
  • If Sir Summmer does inherit the Mafia Hit then the same rules for the Godfather apply to this player except their role would still not be hidden if investigated by the Townie detective.

Mafia Goon 3 (Miss Autumn)
  • Is last in line to inherit the Mafia hit and only will receive it if all other Mafia members have been eliminated.
  • If Sir Summmer does inherit the Mafia Hit then the same rules for the Godfather apply to this player except their role would still not be hidden if investigated by the Townie detective.

Absentee Godfather Rule

If the player in control of the Mafia Hit does not show up for the whole day voting period and one hour into the night period then the player next in line to inherit the Mafia Hit can submit the Mafia’s choice of hit for that night. Let’s say the player who is The Godfather does not log on through all of Day 1 and into the first hour of Night 1. In that case, Mafia Goon 1 can send in the hit selection. However, if the Godfather does show up after the first hour and sends in their choice of hit before the night deadline then the Godfather’s selection is what will be used for the Mafia’s choice that night even if Mafia Goon 1 had submitted something earlier.

Let’s say the Godfather hasn’t shown up for most of a Game Day so far with the vote soon to end. Mafia Goon 1 is worried because he doesn’t know if the Godfather will show up in time but he also knows he will be unable to check in on the forums and game before the night period ends. In that case, Mafia Goon 1 can submit the Mafia’s orders early just to be safe. If the Godfather shows up later and overrides those orders then that’s how it plays out. But if he doesn’t show up then at least Goon 1 has given the team a safety net in that situation.

In a further display of generosity, let’s say both the Godfather and Goon 1 were absent during this period. Then Mafia Goon 2 could send in the Mafia’s Orders to be safe. If the Godfather, Goon 1, and Goon 2 are all absent then Mafia Goon 3 can send in the orders. And if all the Mafia members are absent, well, then this mafia really sucks.  :P

As well, I will be checking the profile of the absentee Godfather. If it shows they were last logged on at any point during the Day Vote and first hour of Night Actions then I will not accept the orders from the next in line player. At some point, the actual Godfather had been around and should have taken care of business. Likewise, if the actual Godfather does show up after that first hour into the Night period then it will void the order sent in by the Goon as the Godfather was around and that responsibility belongs to that player. The Absentee Rule is only provided for cases where the player with the Mafia Hit totally vanishes for an unknown reason as it hurts the other members of the Mafia through no fault of their own and can cripple that faction.

Finally, this absentee rule only applies on days where a Majority Vote did not happen and the Game Day went the full maximum time allotted. Players may want to use a strategy of catching the Mafia unawares or unable to act in time by ending a Day vote early or quickly. In that case, allowing other mafia members to step up and take on the role of Godfather to counter that strategy is different from the reason this rule exists which is to prevent the Mafia from being held back and ineffective for possible days into the game.

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Yes, I just can’t seem to resist throwing in an extra wrinkle for a Mafia game. To me, it feels wrong not to try and do a little something with the roles to match the theme of the game and I didn’t want to let the Harvest Moon theme get used without doing something pertaining to it. Hence, the Jamie role. The gender doesn’t really matter that much.


Jamie the Bachelor/ette

Harvest Moon games often have a portion of the game around courting another character and marrying them. I want to do something similar with this game. The player with this role isn’t really tied to any faction until the end of Night 3 at the latest. By the end of Night 3 then this player must select another player to marry and then they will become joined with that player and faction. Although, if by some chance the Townies do eliminate all the Mafia by the end of Night 3 then the Bachelor/ette will just be counted among the Townies for a victory. If the Bachelor/ette does not select another player to marry by the end of Night 3 then they are eliminated from the game.

How does a player become an eligible mate for the Bachelor/ette?

They do it by enriching their property! There will be a list presented on Day 1 of all the items available to players that they can select for their farms. We’re talking crops, flowers, livestock, pets and fish. Using a random number generator there will be 5 items on that list which Jamie “really loves”. By having that item on your farm and in your possession, you have piqued Jamie’s interest in you.

How do you acquire these items? Players will post their selection in the Day threads of what they would like to take for their farm. Players can only select one item from the list for every 12 hour period of the game. For example, let’s say Day 1 lasts the full 48 hours. Hours 1 – 12, 12-24, 24-36, and 36-48 would mean there are 4 periods of 12 hours meaning players could make 4 selections that day.

Players cannot choose the same item that another player has selected. Once an item has been selected then it is claimed by that player for the rest of the game. In this case, timestamps will matter if two players do post in trying to claim the same item. The player who first posted will get it. I will update the list to show when items have been claimed by the players.

What happens if a player doesn’t select an item in a 12 hour period? No worries. In that case, the selection ability is saved and they could claim two items when the next 12 hour period occurs. If a player wanted, they could wait until 40 hours had passed in the Day thread and then make 4 selections in that period having saved up their selections. I’ll be keeping track and will be letting players be aware of how many selections are currently available to them.

What happens if a player acquires one of the items that appeals to Jamie? I will notify that player via private message that Jamie would like to hear from them. They can then send me a “love letter” to try and win the favor of Jamie to select them. It will be a letter from Bachelor #1, Bachelor #2, etc as the correct items are found. Players writing a letter to Jamie are not allowed to include their username or role and that info will be redacted if included. But I will allow players to be a bit clever and use a hint or two about themselves. For instance, a player may be roleplaying in the Day Thread and may use that same manner of speech and roleplay in their letter. The player hasn’t specifically given their username or role but it may be enough to allow Jamie to deduce who has come courting. That said, the letter will be posted in the Day Thread. That’s because Mayor Khushrenada is eager to spread the latest hot gossip and a potential suitor for Jamie is news too juicy for Khushrenada to keep to himself. It allows everyone else to know whether there’s been any progress in a match for Jamie. Thus, player’s may want to exercise caution in what they write in their love letter.

Can a player keep selecting items from the list of farm items if they have acquired one of the items that appeals to Jamie? Yes! In fact, it would probably be wise to keep selecting for a couple reasons. First, it doesn’t alert other players to the fact that you have already started courting Jamie and could therefore become a couple with that player. Second, you might be able to acquire another item that appeals to Jamie and therefore prevent another rival for Jamie’s attention thereby further increasing your own odds of being Jamie’s choice (especially if you are the only choice).

What happens if a player has been selecting items for their farm and gets eliminated or has an item that appeals to Jamie? Those items are still tied to that eliminated player. Other players cannot claim those items or “grave-rob” their items. It means there is one less potential match for Jamie. Players will also be informed if an eliminated player was a potential bachelor in the Announcement post when listing the previous day's results.

Does Jamie have to wait for all the “appealing” items to be chosen and possible suitors to be found in order to make a marriage? No. Let’s say a potential bachelor is found halfway in Day 1. Jamie could message the host that they wish to accept the proposal once the love letter is posted and that would be the end of Jamie courtship. It’s up to the player to decide if they want to risk waiting and see what other offers role in or have a quick whirlwind courtship.

Can and does Jamie select items from the list? The answer is yes, if they want to. It’s probably a good idea for the player who is Jamie to do this so as to keep their identity hidden and by also trying to acquire goods for their farm. What happens if Jamie acquires an item that would make a player an eligible bachelor? In that case, Jamie now has the option to make their own match. They can send a love letter to whichever player they like. The player that receives Jamie’s letter then has the option to decide whether they wish to accept or reject the offer.

Finally, there are 4 items in the list which are favorites of Mayor Khushrenada and can be used to bribe him. If selected, the “bribe” automatically happens and it gives the player the option to select 5 more items from the list without waiting for the next 12 hour period. Players can also choose to save and use those extra selections for later. Unlike items that appeal to Jamie but aren’t revealed to the players, the items that appeal to Khushrenada and can bribe him are revealed to the rest of the players. They have to be since the player that discovers one is suddenly going to have more selections they can make compared to the rest of the players.

I think I’ve covered all the possible questions now about the eligible bachelor process and courting Jamie. If you have a question on it then please ask. But there is one question remaining:

If a player engages in this lottery to marry Jamie then what does the player and Jamie get out of it all?

Well, let me tell you:

Both players will now know the identity of each other as they enter into a game partnership.

If Jamie marries is a regular townie then both Jamie and that townie will have an extra vote that they can make each Game Day. Jamie and the townie would pm me with their extra vote which would then be revealed at the end of the Day tally. With this ability, they likely could survive any Day vote and possibly control it.

If Jamie marries the Townie Detective then Jamie will join in that work and also gain the ability to investigate players as they work alongside their new partner.

If Jamie marries the Townie Doctor then Jamie will be able to protect one player from the Day Vote each day. They could also protect themselves from the vote once. Jamie cannot protect a player at night though. Only the Doctor can do that. I’m not going to have a Mafia V situation with two doctors protecting each other at night to be invincible.

If Jamie marries a Mafia Goon then Jamie will become a part of the Mafia and could tip the balance of power in their favor. However, Jamie cannot inherit the Mafia Hit

If Jamie marries the Godfather then they will become a power couple and would gain the ability to also make a hit for the Mafia. In this scenario, the Mafia could have two hits per night. One from the Godfather and one from Jamie

If Jamie marries the Townie Vigilante then Jamie will also gain the same abilities with the same possibility of becoming a Killer if they choose the wrong target with their hit ability. If the Townie Vigilante has become the Killer then Jamie would automatically be a Killer also and work together with their partner to eliminate the rest of the players.

While a Jamie couple could gain some power there is still the drawback that if either Jamie or their married partner is killed/eliminated from the game then Jamie or their partner would also be eliminated at the same time as they “die from grief”.

In the scenario where Jamie marries the Townie Vigilante but then one of them becomes a Killer after then it opens up the door to an odd situation in which the player that is still the Vigilante could choose to target their partner that has become a Killer and eliminate them but still survive. Likewise the player that has become the Killer could now eliminate the Vigilante partner to be safe and further display their descent into madness. It is the only scenario in which one partner could die and the other partner still live since the person they married is no longer who they once were. However, they do not need to eliminate each other. Perhaps the player that is still a Vigilante will choose to join their partner and also become a Killer. It’s a thorny situation those two players would have to work out and there’s a high chance this never comes close to playing out and I just typed it all for nothing.

And with that, I’m finally done adding the rules. Congrats Pokepal! You called it in the Funhouse. I’m addicted to typing up long Roles and Roles threads.
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One last thing about acquiring "products" for your farm. What happens if there is a Majority Vote and a Game Day doesn't last a full 36 - 48 hours? Let's say the Majority Vote happens 20 hours into a day. That would mean the loss of two 12 hour periods aka 2 selections each player can make. In such a case, the selections would carry over to the next day. If Day 1 ended 20 hours in and was scheduled to run for a maximum of 48 hours which would have provided 4 selections for each player but ended early with players having made 2 or 1 or no selections yet when the day ended then the remaining opportunities would be provided at the start of Day 2. Made 2 selections already. Now you've got two selections plus the one you get for the first 12 hour period at the start of Day 2. Didn't make any selections on Day 1? Now you have 4 selections available plus the one you get for the first 12 hour period at the start of Day 2. I'm hoping that makes sense for you.

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Cliff's Notes Version

As convoluted as I may make a game seem by trying to get ahead of things and cover all scenarios, I also can break it down to make it simple to understand. So let's break it down in into 4 things.

First of all, this game is currently just a game of Townies vs Mafia. There is no third force like a Killer right now. A Killer could join later but right now it is simply about trying to vote out the Mafia while the Mafia is trying to make the Townies sabotage themselves. Simple and the basis of most games.

Second, I believe you should also be able to see that (ignoring the Jamie role right now) the roles are pretty simple and the usual for a lot of games. The only special ability the Mafia has is their hit, the detective can investigate one player per day and the doctor can protect someone at night. The only traditional role I've tweaked is that the Vigilante no longer dies if they make a hit on a Townie instead of a Mafia member like past games. Instead, the Vigilante loses their Townie status and becomes a Killer. If that happens, then they are just the traditional Killer role with the ability to make a hit each night.

I'm confident those two parts should be easy to understand.

The confusing part is likely the Jamie role. I'll break that down now in a couple parts.

First, the Jamie role is similar to some other past roles like a "brother/sister" role in which two townies know each other's identities and can work with each other in the game but also have the drawback that both are eliminated if one gets taken out of the game. The difference here is that the brother/sister aren't partnered at the start of the game. Instead the two players become partnered later on in the game. Because Jamie can partner with another player later, that other player may or may not have a role. I've listed the benefits of what each partnership can be but, for the most part, you can just ignore all of that. The only thing that should be of interest is looking up what would happen if Jamie partners with you (and the role you have this game) to see what benefit that would bring both of you. When the partnership happens, I will mention which role Jamie has ended up partnering with so that all players are aware and you could then check the list to see that specific partnership's details as well. Right now Jamie is on the townie side but that could change depending on the partnership that gets made later (if a partnership even happens).

I hope you are with me so far.

That just leaves explaining about how Jamie and another player can partner with one another. That's where the "Goods For Your Farm" list comes in. It's basically just a lottery like trying to find the Golden Ticket in Wonka bars. There's 146 bars and only 5 of them are winners. There are restrictions to keep one player from just selecting all the bars and giving everyone a chance but even if you don't understand the restrictions, I'll be reminding players of when they can choose from the list and how much. That's all this choosing is. You are just trying to find a winning choice to gain the Jamie partnership. If a player does get a "golden ticket" then I'll contact them in a private message about how the rest of the process works. Other than that, these "items" do nothing and mean nothing unless a player wants to use their selection for some future roleplay purposes.

Again, I hope that makes understanding the game clear to you and help you as the game progresses. If there's more clarification or some question for a detail that is still unclear to you then just ask here or send me a message. I want every player to comprehend what is happening in the game so that they can play at their best and with confidence instead of being frustrated or confused about what is going on causing them to participate less or halfheartedly.