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Title: Some feedback on this site.
Post by: Socar on June 27, 2016, 04:22:05 PM
I'm gonna give some feedback on the site and if there's already a thread for that, kindly move this to there because I can't find where it is....

So for my feedback so far.

1. I find it odd that the home page is a bit cluttered so far and its not really that simple to navigate at.

2. I would like it if you can do it in such a way that you get to see all the latest news, editorials etc all at once without going to the main tabs unless if its to read older articles.

For now, these are my nitpicks.....hopefully, its not insulting by any means.

And yeah about the news.....its still around 23rd news is still yet to be revealed? I know it differs from various sites and all but still....just curious.