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Today's topic is the big ol' Nintendo Direct airing today. It's got Twitter all.... atwitter. Be there or be... there to watch it at a later time convenient for you. Topic of the We Already Know!

Today's topic is the Shocktober 2021 that might see a lot of Metroid Dread participation. What's it all about? Click the link to find out. Topic of the That's-Not-A-Lot-Of-Information-In-This-Post!

Today's topic is the end of the Smash cycle (at least for Smash Ultimate) with the announcement of the DLC Character for Smash Ultimate. While I'm a bit disappointed that Sakurai didn't go with the choice I wanted which would be YOUR MOM, I guess I'll just have to console myself by continuing to smash her in real life. :evil; (What the......?!?!) That's today's topic of the What?-No-Geno?!

I'm so out of practice on this old idea. Spaced on doing it yesterday because of all my time getting the Mafia game in action. For today, let's go with the topic on the Epic Game Store. Apparently, some of the users here also acquire games from something that isn't the Nintendo eShop. I don't know why or what the purpose of doing so would be but, like Jim Morrison sang, people are strange. Still, it seems like a broad enough topic that might draw out all manner of comments so we'll give it the Topic of the Day bump! 3 more views coming your way, ThePerm!!

With Metroid Dread finally releasing after more than a decade of being dreamed about by fans, I'd say that make it the Topic of the Day. And yet, there's no NWR review of it for me to link to today so I guess I'll just have to use this old Metroid Dread thread. Who knows? Maybe if you beat the game quickly enough you can be the one to submit in the review of the game for this site? A brand new avenue of speed-running for this game. Anyways that's the Topic of the Dread.


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