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Let's talk about teaching about CRT in schools.


Cathode Ray Tubes were a dominant technology for much of the 20th century. I think kids should know about them, and how they had superior refresh rates and color depth to our current LCD monitors. I recently bought an n64 USB controller and I was playing Mortal Kombat 4 and I noticed there was an amount of input lag that really hindered my ability to perform fatalities. I think if CRT monitors were lighter we'd still be using them.


When I went to High School my programming classes were exclusively taught on CRT monitors. It was between 1998 and 2002. What a time that was. We had to store all our projects on floppy disks. I tried this wild thing of storing some program files on Geocities. Early cloud storage. Geocities gave you more space to work with than 1.43MB floppy disks.  Which, would have worked if the teacher hadn't blocked Geocities when I went to turn in a program. I told him what happened and he gave me another day because he wasn't an asshole. In college we got to move on up to zip drives and usb drives. My first usb drive was like 32MB. That was a leap in 2003/04.


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