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Deadline December 2021!

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Well, when I made my last post a couple days ago, it hit me that December ended on Friday. For some reason, I had been thinking it was this Sunday. I guess holiday time had got me all confuzzled. After making the post, I knew I wasn't going to finish everything I had hoped to.

I finally wrote off Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue. There was one outfit I couldn't unlock. I have no idea what the requirement is or how close I might be to getting it. There's just no info on this game out there. It just wasn't covered by any game site and no real FAQ exists. I just see the same sort of stuff for it posted all over and it's clearly not correct since I've done what was said to get S ranks on all levels and still nothing. I've bought all the profiles, videos and music. I've gotten all my helpers to their top level 3 and have finished all levels with S rank. There's only so much I can keep playing this kind of basic game until whatever charm it has is gone so that's it. I'm considering it finished and walking away.

Mario's Super Picross - I finished the Special Mario levels late on Friday and that caused the credits to play on the game. However, it also unlocked some Ultra levels on the Wario side so I beat the game but it's not quite finished yet. A half point.

Pikmin - Popped in Pikmin after washing my hands of the Hello Kitty Sailer B Costume madness and started chipping away through that. Have gotten all parts from the Impact Site, Forest of Hope, Forest Navel and now have to go through the Distant Spring and Final Boss for the remaining 11 ship parts.

I also never got any gaming time on Thursday further cutting into the potential of finishing Pikmin in time or the MP3 final bosses I keep talking about. Maybe tonight. Also never got back to Luigi's Mansion or XCX yet but I'll get to them soon enough I'm sure. Final December Tally: 5.5/10

(Mario's Super Picross is too super! So many large Picross puzzles. With less puzzles, I might have been able to make it to 7/10.)


--- Quote from: Khushrenada on December 14, 2021, 11:16:23 AM ---
And we've got one down. Finished the 150cc time trials and unlocked the last kart part. I really thought I could blast through this game quickly and at times it felt like I was getting through it faster than MK7 even with the extra cups and modes. (Nothing like beating a staff ghost on your first try.  8) ) Yet, my playtime is over 40 according to the Switch. Not sure what it was when I started playing the game more seriously as I had some previous time in it but it likely took 30 hours to complete it like this. (And there's still 200cc Time Trials if I wanted to go the extra mile.)

--- End quote ---

What kart/racer combination did you use for 200cc to 3-star the cups. I had great set up for the 50-150 but it doesn't work at 200?

Oh yeah, I had to change up my racing rig for 200cc also. I used my time at first with 100cc and 150cc to try different characters and kart pieces before eventually settling on Waluigi + W25 Silver Arrow (what I call the Monopoly Car) + Slick Tires + the standard Super Glider. Although I did later switch to the Gold Standard kart piece after unlocking it and used that for the last few Cups and all the 150cc Time Trials with Waluigi and didn’t notice much difference in control.

For 200cc, I returned to Daisy as my champion driver. It seemed to me that acceleration more than top speed was needed for 200cc. It also took some fiddling to find a build that I liked the traction and cornering with but I pretty much settled on the combo of Daisy + Landship + Blue Standard + Standard Glider. If you don’t have the Landship unlocked then you can also use the Streetle frame. The stats are the same as the Landship and that driver/tire/glider combo. Now I say pretty much settled on because there was one other build I had to use to get through the Egg Cup. That was my hardest 200cc challenge. The worst thing was that I could pretty much get first on the first two tracks 99% of the time. It was Dragon Driftway and Mute City together that kept eluding me. Cornering is very challenging in Dragon Driftway and I also had a problem with a large curve in Mute City though sometimes it also was ruined by bad item luck on the last lap. In any case, I used the same Driver/tire/glider combo but switched the kart frame from Landship to Biddybuggy. It seemed to give me the slight improvement in cornering that I needed for Dragon Driftway and I finally did some better cornering in Mute City as well.

Fortunately for you, I started snapping a bunch of clips at the end of some races and wins that I thought might make for decent tweets of Mario Kart Madness so I could easily see what my builds were and what I used to win some cups. Now a couple caveats. People can drive in different ways and have different preferences for what they may think feels right to them. I’ve never liked the feel of the motorcycle/bike frames. The cornering feels off on those. I’ve stuck with carts because there’s a type of cornering and drift I’m looking for based on what I feel it was like in past games that I succeeded with. So, this combo still may not be right for you.

The other thing you may already know but I’ll mention anyways is that you have to race differently in 200cc. I had to change the angle or spot on the road I might normally take a corner. As I’d do some laps, I’d be figuring out and identifying which corners or parts of the track were tripping me up and focus on how and when I was turning or driving when I got to them until I found a successful approach and started copying that maneuver each time I’d hit that portion. Unlike the early cups, sometimes it was more beneficial to not go over any ramps or do any tricks for extra speed boosts because that could cause you to miss the next corner or lose control of the cart. Sometime it was best not to even bother doing a drift for some corners or just driving/hopping over some land to reach a “shortcut” because 200 keeps you from being slowed down too much when you off-road. The game also says using your brakes is an important part of 200cc and there are times you may have to quickly slam to the B button but generally I found just letting go of the A button for a quick moment or two was enough to bring my speed down and correct myself in some tricky spots without slowing down too much. Sometimes that was the best approach for a tight corner. Start turning, letting go of A for a moment to kill a bad drift and press back down to keep going forward after that quick correction. Better to do that then crash and lose all speed and momentum.

Hope that helps. A good track to try is the Mario Circuit track in Flower Cup. I loaded the game up and tested the Daisy build on it just now. I could still do some long cornering on it getting up to purple sparks and easily won that race on my first try. Still got it! Although most 200cc tracks won’t give you time to do nice cornering.

Thanks for that Khush, you always go above and beyond. I was last trying out some of the baby drivers and still getting stuck on courses like Mute City. I will give you setup a try. I definitely agree with you on the bikes, I only use them for battle mode.


--- Quote from: AJBungle on January 20, 2022, 05:50:29 PM ---Thanks for that Khush, you always go above and beyond.

--- End quote ---

I was just honored that when you thought you could use some advice for a game the name that came to your mind was Khushrenada. If someone is going to think of me as their go-to source for information then I don't want to let them down!


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