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Deadline December 2021!

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Alright. Finally some progress I can report on. Things have been jammed up for awhile but maybe stuff will finally start falling into place here.

Completed Part Time UFO late last night. Finally made a high enough tower in the Tower of Infinity section to get the last medal needed which also gave me the last Feat of Glory I needed. Done and dusted.

Then I was finally able to move on and wrap up Shantae for GBC. Collected the last firefly and was able to acquire all dances and items and beat the boss so that is complete and wrapped up.

On a roll, I then looked up what bonus areas I was missing in DKC and then got that game finished on 101% via the Switch SNES app. A couple of those bonus areas are crazy. You basically need a guide to find them.

That moves my progress to 4/10. I really thought I'd be at 6 or 7 at this point but some of this stuff took me longer to finish than expected and time to play has still been a bit of a juggling act. Meanwhile, Mario Super Picross just wants to keep giving me more puzzles but I should be nearing the end in that. Finished all the Wario puzzles and now just have 10 or so left in Mario's Special section. I got batteries charging up for my WiiMote for finishing MP3 but that'll be tomorrow. I guess it is GameCube time now.


--- Quote from: AJBungle on December 11, 2021, 12:05:31 PM ---I did not mention it above but I am playing Fallout 4 on PS4.

--- Quote from: ThePerm on December 10, 2021, 06:35:37 PM ---and Fallout 4 to beat on Ps4.

--- End quote ---
How far into the game are you Perm?

--- End quote ---

Not very far.

It's looking like I probably won't hit my second goal for this, as I just checked and the second set of Pikmin 3 Deluxe side stories is longer than I was expecting.

At the very least I managed to finish Horizon Zero Dawn. As they came out a week apart and have similar mechanics, it's hard not to compare this game with Breath of the Wild. I actually think the two games compliment each other well, rather than one being clearly better.

For an open world game Horizon has really great nuanced combat with a wide variety of weapons. In Zelda, combat isn't really a focus (though I will say a huge improvement over previous entries).

Zelda has a greater emphasis on freedom and exploration, with shrines, koroks, photos and resources. In Horizon there's not much of a reason to just head out and walk in a random direction, when I went somewhere it was with purpose.

Horizon has excellent lore to dig into, whereas in BOTW I thought the lore was pretty shallow.

BOTW's crafting system is really fun and silly, as you mash random things together and see what comes out. Horizon is a lot more utilitarian, there are only a very small handful of resources that you will actually need to pick up

Horizon has some amazing DLC that fits perfectly into the main game. As for BOTW's DLC, well I was so underwhelmed I never bought it.

BOTW has a crazy physics system that you can get really creative with. Plus the fact you can go literally anyway. With Horizon it's more of what you see is what you get.

Both the games are a phenomenal first attempt at an open world game, it goes to show what can happen when you get developers working on new genres.

Luigi Dude:
Managed to get one more big game in by the end of the year and even had enough time left to do an indie as well.

Astral Chain

Finally bought the game during the eShop Thanksgiving sale last month, since I had always been interested in it from the trailers.  Finished the game earlier this week and really enjoyed it overall.  Played it on the PT Standard mode but didn't go for S+ like AJBungle did.  I originally was going to go back and replay levels to get higher ranks and get all photo's, but by the time I finished the main story I was burned out.

My biggest problem is the game is just too long for what it has to offer.  The combat is fun, but not as deep as Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101.  It's also lacking in enemy variety, despite the database saying it has over 160 enemies, most are just reskins of existing ones.  By the end of the game I was enjoying the detective and exploration aspects more then the actual combat sections.

Still a nice first entry in a new IP, and would like to see what a more polished sequel would be able to do.  Especially when the game introduces a new element to the combat literally at the very end that I think has the potential to really expand the combat in a future installment.


Well I still had a few days left so I decided to play something short in my backlog.  Not much to really say about this.  It was a fun action game and I laughed at all the different things the game was parodying.  The level design does start to feel samey after a while but the last few levels get pretty crazy so the game kept me engaged for the 5 hours it took to beat it.


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