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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 3.

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"Come death, and welcome! Juliet wills it so!"

I still want some Hibiscus.

I'll take an Orange Bell Pepper.

 ;D Turns out Sprites don't like Snapper  :P Will trade for some Moondrop flower  ;D

Think I'm mostly caught up, admittedly skimmed some of the more granular details, but I did catch Pokepal trying to make Lettuce Cats lol.

This is admittedly quite flimsy reasoning for joining a bandwagon, but this post from yesterday feels eerily prophetic in retrospect. Almost like the author had a hunch of what was coming?
(That said, I see no obvious link between Jamie/BeautifulShy's final message mentioning Blue, Green, Red, Red, and the items Stevey picked, but do get the impression BShy knew the jig was up.)

It does feel like collecting a lot of items somewhat correlates with being a non-townie faction: both BeautifulShy (Jamie) and Crimm (Mafia) collected a lot of them. This has me suspicious of a few players, again including Stevey, who collected at least 7 of them, and keeps voting for people who die the same night by the Mafia's hand.

So I Vote Stevey for now.


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