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Mr Bloober:

In the latest Podcast from, Nintendo DS editor Craig Harris was asked about the status of Metroid Dread. He responded saying that the game was too early to show previously [at E3 2005] and that it could be shown this year.
--- End quote ---

That's from trusty ol' N-Sider.

I just thought I'd post this tid bit, as I didn't see it anywhere else, and it is certainly welcome news. I myself am hoping for a 2-D with 3-D graphics game.  

Mario, Zelda and Metroid too? Wow..

I remember Craig saying before also that it was still in development when there were rumours that it was cancelled.

That would be phenomenal. Screw these non-Metroid Metroid games! I don't care if both the pinball and FPS versions of Metroid are fun, I WANT REAL METROID! I want another 2D Metroid game that has effecient controls like Fusion/Zero Mission (does everything Super Metroid does with less buttons) and I want the scope/size of Super Metroid and I don't want my hand held throughout the game like Fusion and Zero Mission did and how Super Metroid DIDN'T. Screw you Adam! Screw you Chozo Statues! AND, I want it to be a true sequel. Metroid 5. Enough of this "inbetween Metroid 1 and 2" garbage.

And that, my friends, is how you make the best game ever.    

Its good to hear that the game might be actually, you know, real. I bought recently Zero Mission and Im having a blast with it, and Im all for a new 2D metroid, but I personally love the cube Metroid games, and Im sad that the iteration of prime for the DS was a multiplayer spinoff, because we might never see a 3D real metroid game for the DS, and is a shame because the DS offers such incredible controls for first person perspective.

Ian Sane:
"I myself am hoping for a 2-D with 3-D graphics game."

NO!  Damn it! I HATE the way that looks.  Worst of both worlds.

Anyway I'm happy this game hasn't been canned.  2D Metroid is one of the greatest game "formulas" in existance and I wouldn't want it to die just yet.  There's something about 2D Metroid that just feels right and even Castlevania can't quite recreate it.


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