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Episode 751: Kindergarten Cook


Who's YOUR daddy and what does HE stew?http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/59203/episode-751-kindergarten-cookThis week we start the show with a look at last week's Indie World Showcase. Foxes, Girlfriends, and a free Europe are all dead; but look at the cute foxes! This spirals into a conversation on the timing of the Showcase, just before the holidays, and how it has to slot into larger conversations on Nintendo's 2022 line-up. With Pokémon, Kirby, Advance Wars, and Zelda all on the horizon it stands to reason that finding a place to talk about these games could be tricky. Speaking of news, we also talk about the release of five Mega Drive/Genesis games for the Nintendo Switch Online service. It's time to answer the big question: "Bigger sprites: China Warrior or Altered Beast?" With everyone hunkered down in their current games, New Business is just a quick check-in on some games, and a look at new NSO title Paper Mario.No emails this week, but you can fill our Santa's Sack with your emails here.


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