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Episode 750: Nowhere Left to Go but Backwards


Stay tuned for episode 749.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/59140/episode-750-nowhere-left-to-go-but-backwardsIt's episode 750, and that's just horrifying. On the positive side, we decided it was time to flip the script - literally. You'll see what I mean. Emails for our momentous non-occasion this week: willingly playing lesser ports, non-spin-offs that probably should have been spin-offs, modifying gaming for your health, and an uncompensated ad read for eShop alternatives. You can compensate us for your ad read by sending us an email.Relatively light New Business this week. Greg and Gui are "linearly further along" in their respective quests to beat Shin Megami Tensei V, but don't have a tremendous amount to share this week. Guillaume is so enraptured, he finally decided to dig into Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse on the side. He has some thoughts on how demon negotiating has evolved between the last 3DS entry and the first Switch one. Jon wraps-up New Business with single player impressions of Halo Infinite.Just a reminder, the RFN Patreon Episodes ARE BACK! You can catch up for $1 at the NWR Patreon. A new episode will be posted this Monday!

Great episode this week, happy 750!

Cool Uncle Vince:
Congratulations on reaching 750!

On franchises that got taken over by spinoffs, my prime examples are Wario Land and the Mario vs Donkey Kong series.

Wario Land 1 took over the Super Mario Land series, and then even within itself changed to the no-death transformations with Wario Land 2&3 and then going back to "normal" with Wario Land 4.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong started off as a continuation of Donkey Kong '94, with a Lemmings-style sidemode. The Lemmings mode took over the series for subsequent sequels.

The podcast as directed by Christopher Nolan.


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