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viewtiful joe impressions


has anyone seen the movies to the game on ign...........
boy do they look awesome....or viewtiful if you will
i like the premise of using the triggers for the special moves such as slow
i just want to know what all of you think

 I have downloaded seven movies of Viewtiful Joe since it was showcased by Capcom and the reason for that is that i simply love how the game looks and plays, it's incredable. I download lots of videogame gameplay/cinematic clips and one is for sure Viewtiful Joe is unique.

Stimutacs Addict:
i have a feeling that the game will rely too heavily upon the special effects and not have enough substance... just be another gimmicky game

hopefully it wont be though

I think it looks awesome. It'll definetly be one of the best GC games of the year.


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