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What do you use your Switch USB Ports for?

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Mainly to charge my Switch Pro controller. I used to use my USB headset to listen out for enemy footsteps when I played Paladins. Now I occasionally use them when I'm late night gaming & don't want to wake anyone while keeping the sound up.

The ethernet adapter and GC controller adapter.

I used to keep a USB type-c cable to charge my pro controller, but I just moved that cable to the end table.

I use the one inside the Switch to charge and have ready the Pro Controller I'm not currently using. When the one I am gets a lower battery, I swap out the charged one with the low battery one and continue on. Otherwise, that's been it.

When I got my Switch, I did get an internet LAN adapter with it like Adrock has referred to but I've never used it. I probably should but whenever I have done online gaming, I never think about getting it hooked up.

I have one of those 8BitDo bluetooth adapters so I can use my spare Xbox One controller with the Switch. I also use a Wii U LAN adapter.

I use one for the LAN adapter and one for a USB keyboard I use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (for chatting or writing letters).


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