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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 3.

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Crimm's story death to come.

That autumn, the residents of Shady Village gathered together for the event of the season. The marriage of Jamie. Jamie had sent a letter to their longtime crush and it turns out the crush had also long been harboring feelings for Jamie but thought Jamie was uninterested in them.

Of course, Mayor Khushrenada had to make a big fuss over it all and insisted on officiating the wedding. However, he was not alone in make much ado about the occasion as many of the villagers had much respect and love for Jamie and wanted to help make it a very special day. The wedding of was held at BeautifulShy ranch which is the home of Jamie. As the bride Jamie looked stunning and the groom was also a picture of perfection in their elegant tuxedo. Many people were crying in happiness and joy and even Mayor Khushrenada had to stop a couple times and be comforted by the couple as he blubbered through the ceremony. The couple were married, kissed, and turned to face the crowd and walk back down the aisle to the car waiting to take them on their honeymoon.

But that's when a mysterious masked figure suddenly walked on to the middle of the aisle from the back of the seating and stood there to face the couple. They stopped walking in surprise of this person standing there and trying to figure out who it was. All in attendance also turned from their seats to look behind them and see what had surprised the couple. A sharp cold wind suddenly seemed to blow through the room.

"Miss Autumn sends her regards," the figure shouted out. Then he pulled out a gun from the pocket of the trenchcoat he was wearing and fired at Jamie. "You should have joined the family. Or at least kept your mouth shut!" the man yelled as he turned around and ran down the aisle carpet to the car waiting at the end. He hopped in and it sped away.

Meanwhile, people were screaming and running in panic afraid of more gunshots and reeling at what had just happened. Jamie's crush was in a panic himself at seeing her white wedding dress slowly becoming more and more crimson. "Is there a doctor?!" he cried out frantically, "We need help! We need to get her to a hospital!"

"I'll try to get some supplies," Mayor Khushrenada hollered out and began running as fast as his little legs could move. He ran over to the Joja Mart that was just a short distance away but when he got there he found it still closed after the death of pokepal148. There were big signs up all over about the upcoming remodeling and expansion of the store in an effort to try and dissociate this branch from the memory of pokepal148's death last year. Mayor Khushrenada decided to use his mayoral privilege to declare this an emergency and smash some glass windows to get in. He ran down to the medical supply aisles but there was nothing there. That section hadn't been restocked yet in the expansion work the store was going through. The only thing he could find was some horse dewormer in the Veterinarian section and he wasn't going to look like an idiot coming back with that for aid.

Then he decided to keep running on down to the Community Center in the hopes of getting medical aid from them. Regrettably, they weren't in the business of carry medical supplies since too many people had broken in before to steal them or use them for their own illicit purposes. All they had was a first aid kit and they ended up having to use most of it on Mayor Khushrenada. He had run through all kinds of forests and fields falling over and scratching himself as he tried to get their in the shortest distance possible. Now, he was breathing so hard and heavily, that he thought he might be having a heart attack.

He ended up being taken to the Hospital to get checked out. While there, he learned that Jamie had also been brought in but her injuries had been to severe that help was unable to be given her in time. She had already died from the attack when paramedics arrived at the scene. Mayor Khushrenada had badly sprained an ankle but after a day or so of observation he was allowed to go him. He thought he'd stop by BeautifulShy ranch to check on Jamie's crush, Stratos. But when he got there, he found some of the farmhands distraught. It turns out that Stratos was in such despair and grief over losing Jamie that he left a suicide note and then went and drowned himself in the ocean and was now dead also.

Feeling more miserable than at any other point in his life, Mayor Khushrenada went home in a dazed state. As he walked up the garden path to his front door, he looked up at his house and fell to his knees. There in front of him, painted in bright red paint across the front of his home, was a message: This is Mafia Town!

Announcement Post
Previous Year’s Results:


Crimm – Mafia Goon 3 aka Miss Autumn (Killed by Vote)
BeautifulShy – Jamie the Bachelor/ette (Killed by Mafia)
Stratos - Regular Townie/Jamie's partner (Killed by Mafia)

Welp. That whole Bachelor/ette role had a strange outcome. Good thing everyone's been selecting items so that this could be the result. For your personal information, Crimm was bachelor #2. BeautifulShy/Jamie sent the letter to Stratos late on Saturday but it was accepted today. However, that matchup ended in disaster as the Mafia put a hit on BeautifulShy during the Night Action period as well.

Voting Time: For Year 3, the Year Thread will be open for a maximum of a bit over 46 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at Midnight EST Nov. 24 aka 9:00 PM PST Nov. 23 aka Noon Perth Time Nov. 24. However, the thread and Year could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 11 players still alive in this game meaning 6 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today's Harvest Moon Musical Selection: Jamie's Theme - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody and Meeting Jamie - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

With the end of the Jamie character in our game, I suppose I might as well reference this song in memoriam. Both versions of this theme are pretty good. I like the bombastic nature of Jamie's Theme but the softer version of Meeting Jamie feels a bit more wistful.

Goods For Your Farm List

With the Jamie role matched (and dispatched) there is no longer any need to select items for your farms. I'm just posting the final edition of the list and where things were at for posterity/matter of public record. If you still want stuff for your farms then take what you want. Take whatever and all that you want. Mayor Khushrenada is too distraught to stop you now.

With that, the game is back on.

This is Shakespeare.

One mafia goon down, so good job on that BeautifulShy, I hope we can carry on your memory and take down the rest of the mafia.

Had a look over yesterday, for now I'm going to say vote stevey

Luigi Dude:
I'll buy some Sweet Potato's.  Lots of food I can make with those.  I'll also buy some Blue Rose flowers.  Those will look nice outside my house.


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