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Title: Doctor Who: Now with 80% skinnier daleks.
Post by: pokepal148 on May 08, 2019, 06:04:32 PM
Since Doctor Who got delisted from Netflix I've been basically cut off from the show for a while. I got a boxset of the 12th doctor's run so I've been working through that.
Title: Re: Doctor Who: Now with 80% skinnier daleks.
Post by: pokepal148 on November 25, 2020, 02:57:01 AM
I got into the Big Finish line of Doctor Who audio stories and that's been a real hoot. The writing is generally a lot stronger than it's been on average on the TV show.

Right now there are a bunch of the monthly adventures stories that are on sale for half price. I particularly recommend the story 'Spare Parts', which is one of the multiple origin stories we have for the cybermen and the story "Master" which is an interesting little character study of The Master.

Outside of the monthly adventures line, there are a few other things I recommend.


- The third volume of The Diary of River Song adds a brilliant wrinkle to River's backstory and gives us a fitting end for the villain Madam Kovarian, who was kind of forgotten about in the TV show. The fifth volume has a series of run ins between River and various incarnations of the Master.


- UNIT: Dominion is a really fun romp featuring the 7th Doctor and a mysterious future incarnation of The Doctor who is played by Alex Macqueen. I strongly recommend checking this one out early on. There's a really good plot twist here that can easily be spoiled by listening to the wrong Big Finish story before this one.


- Missy depicts the character Missy on her neverending quest to, in her own words, "Make the world a better place." It's pretty much absolute chaos in audio form and I love it.

I'm just getting started with Big Finish. There is so much good stuff to dive into.