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Today's topic is.... Nintendo's E3 Direct. Shocking stuff. I guess I'll link the NWR Staff streaming event for it but chances are the direct will likely have topics spread all over.

So, it hit me as I was going to bed last night around midnight that I forgot to make a Topic of the Day yesterday. Guess that's what happens when you don't do it for two months. Woo! Anyways, I'll just make today what I was going to select yesterday and that is Metroid Dread. We're talking about it in Talkback and talkin' 'bout it in Nintendo Gaming and talking about it NWR's Discord. Heck, we're probably talking about it in our sleep. It's got the Nintendo loyalists pumped for October. Topic of the Whenever!


--- Quote from: Adrock on April 15, 2021, 01:40:27 PM ---Hey, I got a Topic of the Day though I can’t tell if this is weirdly passive-aggressive. I came out tonight to have a fun time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

I admittedly did not participate in any of those threads because I saw “eshop” and “VC”. Chances are, if it wasn’t free, I didn’t download it. I’ll lurk those threads for recommendations though I am mostly finished eBay-ing for now unless I can manage to snag a few games for a decent price.

--- End quote ---

Meant to reply to this for some time but was just in a low energy mood for awhile. Nothing passive aggressive or some kind of an attack on ya. Just me trying to put some kind of spin or hype on the topic to get people thinking about it (and maybe posting in it). In this case, I was trying to negate the past varying Game Boy topics by explaining this was a topic on a much broader scope beyond just VC titles to give people a reason to participate in the topic rather than dismiss it because they'd already posted some thoughts on those other Game Boy topics. I applaud your efforts to still keep posting on the forums and hope for more discussion. It's a cause I'm still supporting even if I can't be as active in it as I was for so long.

Today's topic is the other titles in Nintendo's Direct that aren't Metroid Dread. Was there anything else you were looking forward to? Well, there's a thread for your to voice that excitement. The NWR Forums: We've got a topic for everything!

Miracle of miracles! NWR Mafia games may be returning! The sign-up thread for the next games is live. We've got this new guy called Khushrenada who'd like to try hosting a Mafia game for the first time ( ??? ) so maybe we can help him out by getting a few more players to sign up. Current player count is 11 but the goal is to get 16. There may be some invites being sent about the game as well so users better fortify their pm boxes. Topic of the You're-Still-Trying-To-Do-This?


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