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Alright. It's been a good break. Let's try and get back in the swing of things again. Here's an easy lay-up! PAC-MAN 99 has arrived and it's got people wakka wakka talking to easily be today's Topic of the Day!

A lot of people thought Balan Wonderworld would be forgotten about in the Monster Hunter frenzy when it was revealed it would release the same day as that game. But leave it to genius Yuji Naka to find a way to get everyone talking about his game and making it a bigger topic than some lame ol' game of hunting monsters. As the NWR Review of Balan Wonderworld makes clear, the game is truly a piece of art as it seems to make everyone who plays it do a lot of deep pondering and reflection on life, games and everything in between. It might even be Topic of the Year but, for now, it will just have to be happy with Topic of the Day!

We're almost a third of the way through April so I should highlight an April Community event sooner than later. ESPN may have 30 for 30 but NWR has 4 on 4 action for its user's to engage. The main idea is to try and complete four games during this fourth month of the year. Bonus points if you can do it across 4 different systems. Check it out and see what others are playing and if you can get in on the action. Topic of the... well, you know!

Game Boy talk? Didn't we already do a bunch of this through the 3DS and Wii U VC topics? Well, everything old is new again and Adrock wants to talk about all Game Boy Games from the OG to Color and Advance beyond just what has been available through the VC. Get your nostalgia fix and recommended game picks in while you can.  It's, it's, the Topic of the Day, Topic, Topic of the Day!

Hey, I got a Topic of the Day though I can’t tell if this is weirdly passive-aggressive. I came out tonight to have a fun time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

I admittedly did not participate in any of those threads because I saw “eshop” and “VC”. Chances are, if it wasn’t free, I didn’t download it. I’ll lurk those threads for recommendations though I am mostly finished eBay-ing for now unless I can manage to snag a few games for a decent price.


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