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Episode 133 - Yoshi's Crafted Fantasy VII
« on: April 04, 2019, 08:56:17 AM »

Alex joins the boys to break down all the goodness from PAX East. But before all that we get into Yoshi's Crafted World, Final Fantasy VII, and Switch 'N' Shoot!

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Alex once again stops by to chat with the boys, but this time he's bringing all the heat from PAX East since Casey and Perry missed out. We'll get into all that, but first we got some games to talk about. Perry has Yoshi's Crafted World in hand, but didn't get a chance to dive in, so fortunately Alex takes the reigns. Shaking up the formula to the usual Yoshi, this game might just be his favorite in the series since the classic Yoshi's Island for SNES. Casey on the other hand has been playing a classic himself, the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII! It's just as good as he remembered, but now at three times the speed!

  Alex isn't done yet, despite coming off PAX, he's also found time to dip into some New Super Mario Bros U. Perry claims to have 100%, but we're pretty sure he has no idea what that phrase means. Wrapping up What We've Been Playing, Casey got the opportunity to check out Switch 'N' Shoot. This is an interesting little shooter that utilizes just a single button and it's surprisingly challenging!    

The News Block has a bunch of stories, but none too consequential. However that doesn't stop the boys from diving deep into a number of different topics. Then it's PAX time baby. Alex breaks down all the games he played for Cassie and Pert even tossing in some Nontendo business which sparks a little Playstation talk. Alex has hosted panels at PAX before, but this is the first time it was live streamed for the world to see and it turns out, as you might have assumed, it was a pretty amazing experience!

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