Author Topic: New Details About Runbow and Freedom Planet  (Read 1585 times)

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New Details About Runbow and Freedom Planet
« on: June 15, 2015, 01:11:00 AM »

Check out their demos, then some new announcements!

Update: A previous version of the article mistakenly credited Dawn Bennett as the developer. Bennett is a voice actress in the game, the game is actually developed by the team at Galaxy Trail. We apologize for the confusion.

Some indie titles have had new updates ahead of E3, including a couple in the Nindie E3 demo program.

Freedom Planet voice actress Dawn Bennett has confirmed a release date for the GalaxyTrail-devevloped game:

In other Nindie E3 demo program news, Runbow has a new trailer which confirms an adventure mode and for those who don't have nine controllers handy, online play:

Finally, NintendoLife had an exclusive trailer for Shinen's futuristic racer, FAST Racing NEO, which runs at 60FPS and looks stunning: