September 16, 2005

Jim Merrick Revolution Controller Interview Wii

by Jonathan Metts - 10:03 am PDT
Total comments: 26 Source: Eurogamer

The Nintendo Europe executive gives new details about the controller's development and potential, and he explains how we'll be able to play multiplatform games.

In an interview with Eurogamer (link above), Jim Merrick, Senior Director of Marketing for Nintendo Europe, talks in depth about the newly revealed Revolution controller. Some of his comments include brand new information. Here are a few samples:

Eurogamer: So how long has the controller been in development?


September 15, 2005

Publisher Reactions to Revolution Controller Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 10:23 pm PDT
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo offers a few quotes from Western publishers.

Nintendo passed out a few quotes from Western publishers with tonight's Revolution news. See their reactions below:


"Nintendo has long been a trailblazer, and this controller design reinforces that reputation," said Brian Farrell, president and CEO of THQ. "We enthusiastically support... Read more...

Official Release on Revolution Controller Wii

by Daniel Bloodworth - 8:16 pm PDT
Total comments: 25 Source: Nintendo

See what Nintendo has to say about Iwata's speech and the Revolution.

UPDATE: A webcast of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show will be available Friday morning, September 16, 2005 at the following address:



Revolution Controller Revealed Wii

by Jonathan Metts - 8:03 pm PDT
Total comments: 66 Source: TGS

Looks like a remote control, held in one hand, has attachments such as an analog stick, detects movement and tilting.

Reports are flowing in from TGS, as Satoru Iwata has finally revealed the Revolution controller to the masses.


Sega Teams Up With Bizzare Creations

by Karl Castaneda - 6:30 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Press Release

Together, the two will create a new next-gen franchise.


Developer of Project Gotham Racing to Drive SEGA Growth

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON (September 15, 2005) – SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. today announced a partnership to create a next-generation franchise... Read more...

Book Bonus for Berenstein Bears GBA

by Karl Castaneda - 6:25 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Press Release

There are a lot of B's in that headline.

Buy The Video Game And Get A Free Book-- Namco Adds Scary Bear Book To The Berenstain Bears(TM) And The Spooky Old Tree Package

Action-Packed Berenstain Bears Adventure for Game Boy(R) Advance To Ship With A Mini Version of The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat Book Included

Global video...

Free Pink Stylus for Kirby Canvas Curse Owners DS

by Mike Sklens - 9:43 am PDT
Total comments: 15 Source:

Who says that only Japan gets all the cool goodies?

Upon the release of Kirby: Canvas Curse in Japan, the first copies of the game came with a special pink Kirby stylus. A lot of gamers were upset that the same was not offered outside the country. Well, it looks like things have changed. Nintendo of America is now giving away pink styli, presumably the same ones the Japanese got, to anybody who has registered their copy of Kirby: Canvas Curse on their website.


EA Releases NBA Live 06 Song List GC

by Robert Graves - 1:32 am PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: EA Press Release

Come on in - 'explore' the sound of Hip-Hop for a while.


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., - September 13, 2005 - Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today revealed the 16 songs that make up the in-game music soundtrack for the multi-platinum basketball game, NBA LIVE 06. The song list delivers an eclectic mix of up-tempo beats and lyrics.


September 14, 2005

Monolith Software Title Blowout! DS

by Zosha Arushan - 5:07 pm PDT
Total comments: 10 Source: Famitsu

Xenosaga I & II, Baten Kaitos II, oh my!

This weeks Famitsu reveals that three new Monotlith Software games are coming to Nintendo systems near you.

Baten Kaitos gets the prequel treatment as Nintendo decides to publish Baten Kaitos II for the GameCube. Asides from being set twenty years prior to the events in Baten Kaitos, not much is known about the title. The kicker is that the game is supposed to come out December 2005.


D3PA Announces DS Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi DS

by Robert Graves - 1:32 am PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: D3PA Press Release

If you're looking for a 'Rock 'n' Roll Brawler', you've come to the right place.

Puffy AmiYumi say 'Hi Hi' to Nintendo DS

In New Game From D3Publisher of America, Inc.

Title set for release in Q1 2006 is D3PA's 1st Nintendo DS game

LOS ANGELES - Sep. 13, 2005 - D3Publisher of America, Inc. (D3PA), a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software today announced its first game for the Nintendo DS will be based on Cartoon

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