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July 13, 2006

First Pokemon Diamond/Pearl WiFi Details DS

by Mike Gamin - 7:30 am PDT
Total comments: 15 Source: CoroCoro Magazine

Like it or not, friend codes will anchor the system.

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine just came out in Japan and it revealed some of the first details of how the Nintendo WiFi Connection will be incorporated in the new Pokemon titles.

Two key details were revealed.

Friend codes will be used in the game.

The game will feature voice chat.


July 11, 2006

Actress Emmanuelle Vaugier to Star in Need For Speed: Carbon Wii

by Evan Burchfield - 6:09 pm PDT
Total comments: 16

The gripping role of "the hero's ex-girlfriend" confirms that feminism is dead at EA.


Popular Actress to Play Central Role in Storyline

Redwood City, Calif. – July 11th, 2006 – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced today that actress Emmanuelle Vaugier will star in Need for Speed™ Carbon this fall.... Read more...

July 10, 2006

Capcom to Demo Games, Hold Tournaments at Comic-Con GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 9:56 am PDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Capcom Press Releases

Attendees in San Diego can play the new Phoenix Wright and Mega Man ZX, or even win a DS Lite in the MMBN6 tournament.

Note: Please scroll down for a second press release with details on the Mega Man Battle Network 6 tournament.



SUNNYVALE , Calif ¾ July 10, 2006 — Capcom â , a powerhouse in the multi-billion dollar video game industry,... Read more...

July 8, 2006

Is Far Cry Coming to Wii? Rumor

by Karl Castaneda - 12:09 pm PDT
Total comments: 3

Will Ubisoft’s favorite new FPS franchise be making its way to Nintendo’s next console?

German developer Crytek came out of nowhere in 2004 and delivered one of the best PC first person shooters in a while with Far Cry. Since then, multiple versions of the game have made their way to the gaming public, either on the PC, Xbox, or Xbox 360. While Crytek has now left the franchise to Ubisoft,... Read more...

July 6, 2006

Nintendo Offers Brain Age to President Bush DS

by Jonathan Metts - 1:35 pm PDT
Total comments: 50 Source: Nintendo of America

Commander-in-Chief gets a special package from Nintendo of America on his 60th birthday.

For U.S. President George W. Bush's sixtieth birthday, Nintendo of America has sent him a special package with a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age to sharpen his mental faculties. We'll leave the jokes to our talkback goons... Here's a photo of the gift package and a copy of NOA's letter to the President:


Q? Entertainment Announces New DS Game DS

by Karl Castaneda - 1:27 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: IGN

The game will be called Oto wo Tsunagou! Gunpey Reverse.

According to IGN, the latest Famitsu reveals a new DS game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q? Entertainment. Called called Oto wo Tsunagou! Gunpey Reverse, the game is based on the 1999 Wonderswan game, Gunpey, named after its late supervisor, and former Nintendo visionary, Gunpei Yokoi.

The basic...

Pirate Accessories Attack DS, DS Lite, and GBA SP DS

by Jonathan Metts - 9:47 am PDT
Total comments: 8 Source: Buena Vista / Pelican

No, not the illegal kind! Pelican and Buena Vista Games have handheld accessories licensed for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Video Game

Accessory Product Line Swashbuckles its way into Stores

Los Angeles, Calif., July 6, 2006 – Pelican is proud to announce the release of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest" video game accessory product line for the Sony® PlayStation® 2, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and Game Boy Advance game systems.


July 3, 2006

Bob Ross Wants Your Art Wii

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:32 am PDT
Total comments: 6 Source: http://www.agfrag.com/

If you're good at painting happy trees, your art could be featured in the Bob Ross videogame.

Both the Bob Ross official site and the AGFRAG Entertainment Group have upated their webpages with news of a contest for the upcoming Wii and Nintendo DS game, Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting. Here's a little explanation of the contest, courtesy of AGFRAG, the game's developer.

Bob Ross® Video Game Art Contest



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