March 20, 2000

Maximum Faqsimum

by Billy Berghammer - 11:56 pm PST

Max Lake returns from obscurity to reclaim his OpN2k stylings here at PlanetN2000!

Well on behalf of the staff here at Planet N2000, I'd like to welcome the newest member of the Planet Staff...Max Lake! Yep, we have suckered another of the OperatioN2000 elite back to the world of Dolphin. You think you can get away so easily? The master plan is finally coming together! Mwuuuhahahhahahah!!! So, the OPN2K FAQ you have long missed will soon be coming back in full form. Max's staff profile will be up shortly! Welcome back Max!



by Billy Berghammer - 11:43 pm PST
Source: MVC

A GBA Delay is looking more and more likely and here's some reasons why...

Obviously most of us here at Planet N2000 aren't holding their breath for a Fall release of the GBA. With the GBC selling so well (and generally no competition), it would be pointless for Nintendo to feel the need to release the new handheld. Not that 95% of the people that read this rag wouldn't purchase it upon release. Heh heh. Here's a few chunks of fun of other possible reasons why the system may be delayed.


Bring on the Metal Gear! GC

by Billy Berghammer - 11:32 pm PST
Source: Computer and Video Games

Hideo Kajima plays dumb about Dolphin, sorta... We think something could be up!

Computer and Video Games Magazine recently spoke with Hideo Kajima from Konami (Metal Gear). Not a whole lot is said here. Personally, I think it's a lot of crap. "I don't know much about Dolphin." Yeah, right. And then he goes on to talk about it's similarities to the other systems. Interesting contradiction.... Read more...

March 18, 2000

PS2...It's Crap!

by Billy Berghammer - 4:07 pm PST
Source: MSNBC

We can't help noticing that Sony's PS2 is having problems. They DO say the best time to kick a man is when he's down...

Sony having more problems? Yeah, I know this is a Dolphin site, but Sony having problems is another boost for Nintendo followers! Not only is Sony recalling all their memory cards, but they might have a major lawsuit brewing? Not that Sony doesn't have a lot of money anyways...but, as my father says,... Read more...

March 17, 2000

Nintendo Leads Polls

by Steven Thomas - 10:15 pm PST
Source: FGN Online


Agatha Chapman released this following news item at FGNOnline the other day.

"Out of over 1,200 homes surveyed, nearly a quarter of respondents dubbed Nintendo as the family favorite. The recent Zogby poll pushed Nintendo out in front of the PlayStation and Dreamcast. The poll also indicated that Asians favour Sony, and African Americans favor both the N64 and PlayStation."


Dolphin to get some Boxin'

by Kosta Andreadis - 8:54 pm PST
Source: IGN64

Climax let it be known they are working on a Dolphin Boxing Title Already!

Climax Entertainment, the makers of the upcoming N64 game Battlezone have released information on their next-generation game in development. Going by the name Title Defence, it's said to sport a great graphics engine that features things like rendered boxers using 5,000 polygons each, motion captured... Read more...

Green Beer Rules!

by Billy Berghammer - 1:36 pm PST

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day folks! Seeing is that all of us are Irish (even Kosta) we decided to take the night off, and pay homage to what is basically just green food coloring in beer. But it just makes it taste all that much better! So unfortunately there will be no Trivia tonight. Trivia should be returning next week, so keep on studying!


Retro Develops for GBA GBA

by Steven Thomas - 12:54 pm PST
Source: IGN64

Mentioned at the GDC & now confirmed: Retro GBA projects in the works.

Well, this should come a no suprise to anyone, but IGN recenty reported that they have confirmation that Retro Studios is currently developing titles for the Game Boy Advance. It is unclear at this point exactly what title or titles the incredibly talented people aat Retro Studios have in store for... Read more...

March 16, 2000

The N-GDC Experience

by Billy Berghammer - 2:19 am PST

Ed Shih proves his worth and gives you an in-depth look at what it was like to be at GDC 2000. Don't miss this!

Ever wonder what it was like to be at the GDC? Well our Boy Darth Ed Shih was there and brought back bags of fish for all. Well not every one. Just me :). He went to one of those schools where you didn't have to bring treats for the whole class. Just the ADD kids in the back! Kidding. I'd really like to thank Ed for his valient efforts! First brew on me at E3! Here's what he had to say...


March 15, 2000

Ubi Soft and El Dorado

by Kosta Andreadis - 2:20 am PST
Source: IGN64

A game based on the "The Road to El Dorado" game is one of many Ubi Soft projects planned for Dolphin.

Confirmed Dolphin developer/publisher Ubi Soft has announced that a game based on the upcoming DreamWorks Entertainment animated feature "The Road To El Dorado" will appear on the Dolphin as well as the Playstation 2. Ubi Soft has other titles planned for Nintendo's next-generation console such as... Read more...

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