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January 30, 2001

MGS2 = FINAL Metal Gear? GC

by David Trammell - 8:51 am PST
Source: FGN Online

Solid Snake to Black Ops: "Take this job and shove it!"

Hideo Kojima recently confirmed that he plans to end the Metal Gear series with Metal Gear Solid 2. Previous to this report, I’d seen Kojima comment that he would like to end the Metal Gear series and move onto something else, although he knows that people love MGS and want it to keep going. No... Read more...

Yamauchi / Square comment

by Max Lake - 8:14 am PST
Source: FGN Online

Yamauchi disses Square in todays episode of The Young and the Squareless.

Today, FGN Online posted its translation of Hiroshi Yamauchi's hotly-debated Square comment. Here ya go:

"There is no truth to an agreement between Nintendo and Square. Square is free to say what it wants, but there are no plans for a contract, and the chances that there will be one in the future are low."


January 29, 2001

New Pokemon Game for the GBA GBA

by Mike Sklens - 6:59 pm PST
Source: Tendo Box

Those cute and cuddly little psycos are headed for the Game Boy Advance. Who didn't see this coming?

In his recent interview with Bloomberg Japan, Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi stated that a new Pokemon title would find its home on the Game Boy Advance early next year. He said that it was going to be a launch title but the programming wouldn't be done on time so it has been delayed.


Steve departs, Younger Plumber joins

by Max Lake - 1:40 pm PST

Max says good bye to Steve and introduces The Younger Plumber.

Just to make everything official, Steven Thomas recently appeared in the forums and let it be known that he would be leaving our ranks for some time. One of the key players here at the Planet, we’re going to miss you, Steve & all of us hope you can return soon.

After being heralded as an up-and-coming...

January 28, 2001

Yamauchi on GBA: Shortages, Sega, Square GBA

by Max Lake - 11:54 pm PST
Source: Bloomberg News

Yamauchi speaks; the world listens.

Desmond Gaban informed me that NCL has just issued a press release to Bloomberg Japan from President Hiroshi Yamauchi. We have linked the English version of the release above. Yamauchi has let it be known that Nintendo has received 2.7 million orders for highly anticipated GBA. Nintendo will ship... Read more...

For Those Who Like Good Translations

by Justin Nation - 3:41 am PST
Source: Console Horizon

Justin asks for a translation and gets four of them.

Haha, I guess we Planet staffers are the only sorry souls who are either too unskilled or lazy to get a better translation of the article going as a flood of email came in either helping with sections or pointing to proper translations. I figured it would just be easier and a better way to spread... Read more...

January 27, 2001

New Kuru & GBA Wars Shots GBA

by Max Lake - 6:46 pm PST
Source: Puissance Nintendo

Puissance Nintendo gets over 30 exclusive shots of two upcoming GBA games.

Between working on the FAQ update, the new site and cleaning my apartment, I haven't had much time for sleep or other Planet daily activities. Luckily, Justin was on the case today posting all kinds of good stuff from Consoles France. Even more fortunate, I received an email from webmaster Xavier... Read more...

Some New Gamecube Bits GC

by Justin Nation - 4:54 am PST
Source: Consoles-France

Justin posts an Altavista translation of an interesting article.

It appears that between this and the Gameboy Advance post below that the folks at Consoles France have been busy. Here's a translation of the linked article above, of course it has its quirks since it is just a machine translation... if we have any fluent French speakers who feel inclined everyone would obviously love to hear a better one.


New Napoleon and Golden Sun Shots GBA

by Justin Nation - 4:39 am PST
Source: Consoles-France

Screen shots of Napoleon and Golden Sun for the Gameboy Advance courtesy of Consoles-France.

For anyone eagerly awaiting either the Camelot-developed RPG Golden Sun or the Nintendo-developed strategy title Napoleon it appears that consoles France has your hook up. Ever-so-kindly it appears that someone on their staff sent me an email telling me about it and with anticipation for the Gameboy Advance slowly building I figured it would be a crime to hog all of them for myself.


January 25, 2001

GBA + 3 Games = $255 US GBA

by Max Lake - 6:56 pm PST
Source: NCSX

Max gives us the skinny on a deal from NCSX for importing a Gameboy Advance.

In our pledge to help would-be importers shop around for the Game Boy Advance, we now have a great deal from NCSX. Check it out!

"The most popular GBA software titles on pre-order from customers were, in order of preference: Super Mario Advance, Dracula X, Fire Pro Wrestling A, and F-Zero Advance.... Read more...

Europe NGC Delay GC

by Billy Berghammer - 1:11 pm PST
Source: FGN Online

According to FGN the GameCube is rumored to be delayed until 2002. Ick. It's noted that European children have run rampant through the streets crying. Well, maybe not. Here's the buzz.

U.K. publication CTW has reported that the trade is already resigning itself to the console not seeing the light of day until early 2002.

Nintendo has not yet announced a European release date, and isn't expected to until E3 comes around in May. If the news turns out to be true, it would make for an interesting battle between Nintendo and Microsoft.


January 24, 2001

Magical Vacation US bound! GBA

by Zosha Arushan - 9:20 pm PST
Source: GameSpot

The title says it all.

More good news for AGB fans, it looks like Brownie Brown has confirmed that their premiere RPG will indeed be localized! Gamespot says in its preview that "The company has not announced any further details on the game itself, but it has revealed that it plans to release the game in the Western territories."


SEGA in Negotiations?

by Zosha Arushan - 4:36 pm PST
Source: IGNDC

Well, it seems offical now. IGNDC has confirmed that SEGA is indeed looking towards AGB development...

Sega of Japan issued a press release today (1/24 in Japan), commenting on various "Dreamcast is Dead" reports that circulated yesterday through news sources in Japan and America. The press release at long last confirms a few of those countless stories that we've been asked by Sega of America to treat... Read more...

GCN dev tools are done! GC

by Mike Sklens - 12:39 pm PST
Source: FGN Online

CodeWarrior will help GameCube developers battle shifty matrix operations and evil exceptions.

Metroworks has just put the finishing touches on it's CodeWarrior tools for the GameCube. Ramin Ravanpey, director, Software Tools Support Group, Nintendo of America had this to say:


January 23, 2001

Rumor crashes and burns? GBA

by Billy Berghammer - 8:48 pm PST

Metroid GBA rumors deciphered...

I got to finally talk with our good friend, Ima Source from Nintendo today and they reassured the same standpoint as The Nintendo Project reported yesterday on Metroid for the Game Boy Advance.

NOE's news release that stated Metroid was being developed for Game Boy Advance was incorrect. Nintendo has not announced a Metroid game. Please visit www.nintendo.com for the official list of games in development for Game Boy Advance.


January 22, 2001

NOF Spills many French beans GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 10:43 pm PST
Source: NintendoWeb

Nintendo of France mentions Metroid GBA along with Golden Sun... Two?

Believe it or not, even after NOA issued their statement saying that a GBA Metroid has not been announced, Nintendo of France has mentioned the game as an upcoming GBA release, along with...are you sitting down? Golden Sun 2. No other details or info available yet, but thanks to NintendoWeb for digging up this terribly interesting news.


Fantasy Finally! GBA

by Max Lake - 11:45 am PST
Source: GameSpot

Final Fantasy X is delayed to July and Square says that they will do their damnedest to get Final Fantasy IV-VI on the GBA.

Earlier today in Japan, Square held a meeting to discuss future projects with analysts. At the meeting, Square President Hisashi Suzuki commented that "the company will strengthen the Final Fantasy brand name." It seems the company is poised to do just that. With announcements regarding new FF games,... Read more...

January 21, 2001

RenderWare on the GameCube GC

by Mike Sklens - 5:22 pm PST
Source: Nintendojo

Criterion will provide yet another game engine for GameCube developers to license.

Criterion Software has announced that it has been invited to join Nintendo's select group of GameCube middleware and tools partners. Who is Criterion and what does this mean you may ask? Criterion was founded in 1993 and is providing development tools for more than 230 development studios worldwide,... Read more...

Register for Console Competition

by Max Lake - 12:26 pm PST
Source: TwinGalaxies

Twin Galaxies is holding a console gamers tournament with a $10,000 grand prize. March 24th and 25th are the magic dates. Sign up today.

Twin Twin Galaxies just got in touch to inform us of its upcoming “Console Game World Championship” event, which will be the first live console competition held in America with $10,000 being awarded to victors. Hmmm, we might have to get Ty out to this event to win us some prize money. Word has it the guy is lethal at Perfect Dark. The press release from Twin Galaxies is as follows:


Bomberman, Megaman and more! GBA

by Max Lake - 3:23 am PST
Source: Gamers.com

New screens of Bomberman Story, Megaman EXE and Monster Farm Mania from Gamers.com.

Just when the Planet staff thought it was safe to sleep, we’ve been hit with news out the warp pipe. Metroid, Dr. Mario 64? That’s only part of it. Posting oodles of new screens and specifics, Gamers.com have just provided even more reasons to salivate over GBA. With help from the magazines Dengeki... Read more...


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