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who likes hot sauce?

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I'm on a big hot sauce kick. I don't drown my food in it or anything, and want good flavor over pure heat, but am having a lot of fun trying some different domestic brands.

Right now my favorite is a black cherry with reaper peppers sauce from a Canadian company (Pepper North) that is sweet and mixes deliciously with beef tacos/burgers/nachos/etc... They also make another sauce with blueberries and scorpion peppers that is nice and tastes good with ice cream (although you lose a lot of the heat that way).

If you like spicy foods/sauces, what brands do you currently enjoy and what recipes do you use it with?

Well, since I made this the topic of the day, I guess I should participate in it.

I like spicy foods but I'm rarely adding any sauce to stuff to make it hot. I'll get a pizza that already has a spicy sauce to it or a burger that the company\restaurant has put hot sauce on already. I do have a bottle of Tabasco sauce that I've used to dabble stuff on a bit like macaroni and cheese or fried chicken but I don't find it the same as when a hot sauce or spice is incorporated into the food and cooked with it. I mainly just use it (or cayenne pepper) if I'm making something and it calls for hot sauce. I've never really thought about looking into what varieties are out there or what they made add to something.

Now if you want to take about spicy foods that one can buy from fast food / restaurants then I've got more to chime in on.

I like hot sauce, hot sauce doesn't like me.

I adore hot sauces!

I used to make my own until things got busy with school. Now that things have settled down I want to get back into it more seriously.

I tend to have different sauces for different meals.

Sriracha = most asian cuisine
Thai chili sauce = Thai, other asian cuisine (dumplings come to mind)
Buffalo = fried chicken, breakfast, fries, some burgers
Chipotle (Tabasco) = Tacos, Burritos, Latin/Mexican cuisine
Tapatio/Valentina = Mexican/Latin cuisine, tacos, breakfast, fried chicken
Classic Tabasco = breakfast, variety fallback at restaurants (since that tends to be the only option some offer)

I experiment the most with fried chicken, so I'll throw my extreme sauces on those when I want some real heat. I have a nice Carolina Reaper sauce. Also got an awesome pepper medley sauce from a market that I just affectionately refer to as my "Bomba Sauce" since I've long forgotten its real name. It came in a small glass bottle in the shape of a bomb, the cap has a wick coming out of it to add to the imagery. That is a mixture of habanero, Carolina Reaper, and Ghost Pepper.

I've tried hotter, and can enjoy them, but for general consumption I don't really go higher than Carolina Reaper.

My personal sauces tended to either be jalapeno and Serrano based with branches into habanero and chipotle peppers.

The one mixture I tend to not like is the adding of sweetener agents to hot sauces. Only exception is Spicy BBQ sauce, but I don't really consider that a hot sauce. I don't want Mangos w/ my Habanero and I don't want Pineapple with my Jalapenno unless they are toppings on a Hawaiian pizza, not in a sauce. Its just a pansy hot sauce at that point.

Unlike Stratos, I'm a huge fan of the sweet-hot combo. I've never been big on the super hot sauces, but a bit of heat to go with the sweetness is a great mix for me. Sweet chili sauces, or honey hot sauces, are among my favorites. There's also a homemade sauce that I make sometimes that's a honey-based sauce that I absolutely adore.


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