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January 2020 is Meme Avatar Month

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Remember those old avatar theme months we used to do? Maybe not since it's been so long since we've tried to do them. But hey, let's see if we can resurrect the idea to do once in awhile.

With the Funhouse forum currently embracing stale jokes, why not spread that attitude through the rest of the forums with dank internet memes?  :P  ;D  Choose a meme that you might love or hate and stick it in the face of other users.

For myself, I'm going with that confused cat at table. Now, it is paired best with Diaz yelling in its directions as illustrated so maybe someone else will want to take on that half.  ;)

Likewise, you may want to post here with your choice and an example or the source of it. Of course, with a Mafia game happening later this month, some avatars may change away from this theme but not everyone here joins in on those. Plus, there's no rule that a person can't swap avatars during the month. Whether you swap out for Mafia and then come back to this or swap out for multiple memes during the month, it is up to the community creativity to decide how one may wish to embrace (or reject) this theme.

None pizza left beef is so vintage it predates Super Mario Galaxy.

Can you set .gifs as your avatar here? Otherwise I should've gone for the Harlem Shake.

You can have gifs for an avatar but you have to link it from another source. Also, you probably need to make sure it already fits the 100 x 100 avatar rule before you link it. Might be hard to format that particular image to such a requirement but I'll admit that I did consider a Harlem Shake idea as well. For some reason, I really enjoyed that brief stupidity. Maybe it comes from when the beat finally drops after the build-up.

Since I've been too lazy to change my avatar I'll argue this is a Skyrim meme of some sort.



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