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Baba is You (Switch) Hands-on Preview
« on: August 26, 2018, 08:25:34 AM »

Baba is adorable, the best and everyone including you. Yes, you.

Baba is You is one of the best smaller games I've played in a while, and its creativity shines through instantly. The way you come up with solutions is pushing three words together, and create new ways to traverse the terrain. The concept is simple yet so engaging. After a while, I really didn't want to stop playing. The silliness grew with every puzzle, and my love for Baba along with it.

As mentioned above, the solutions of the puzzles come down to words found in the level. The words refer to an object (Wall), the word ''is'' and then the action (Move). By using the words I just used in the example, I can move around the walls at the same time as Baba. This would allow me to reach the end flag and score a point. In another puzzle, I would actually have to become the wall and get to the flag that way. There is always a fantastic or over the top method to solving a puzzle.

Even the end goal isn't immune to being changed. In one of the demo puzzles we encountered, there was no way to the flag. By pushing a row of blocks through the water, it was possible to create the sentence Baba is Win. This instantly ended the level with the usual Congratulations screen. The only way you have zero influence on certain blocks if they are completely walled off, creating rules on how a level needs to be finished. It kept me on my toes and forced me to keep adjusting my strategies.

Even though the art style isn't boombastic, it certainly doesn't needs to be. The gameplay of Baba is You is the title's strongest feature, and creates some really fun puzzle action. With more than 100 levels packed in, this could fill that puzzle itch I have every so often. The concept behind it is so novel, and it threw my expectations for a constant loop. Those are the solid inner workings of a game.