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fighting games have single player modes?

No really though, I think the thing with Shuma was that Marvel, really, really didn't want him in the game but Capcom really, really did and that was the best comprimise they could reach...

So Mortal Kombat Komplete went on sale today at GameStop for $30, and (having really liked the PSN 1 hour trial) I picked it up.  Between that and some other games I've purchased in the last 2 weeks, I'm probably/hopefully done buying games for a while.

I jumped back into the delightfully well-done Story mode again, and made it up to the point where I got stuck in the Trial: the Scorpion vs. Cyrex/whats-his-name fight.  That was pretty much the part where I had to dial-down the difficulty from Normal to Easy, because that fight is just brutally unfair (especially since at least one of the two has a teleport move they love to spam).  I've made it up to Kung Lao's portion of Story Mode, and I'm still very much enjoying it.  I hope that this game's story mode (where clearly a lot of effort went into) encourages the other big fighting series (BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Marvel Vs.) to step-up their game in that regard, because the bar has been set very high.  It's almost insulting putting in UMvC3 now and seeing the pitiful excuse for a singleplayer experience that game has by comparison.

I did step out of Story mode and try a few others this time now that I don't have a timer hanging over my head.  Finally finished the training mode, and I started the Challenge Tower.  The Challenge Tower has been surprisingly fun and addicting, though I'm stuck on this one right now where you have to defeat a Zombie as Johnny Cage before it pushes you off the screen. No matter what I do, the Zombie defeats me when I'm just a sliver of health away from winning.  Still, I like what this mode is doing, semi-subtly framing the core concepts of the game in easy-to-understand bites.  It feels much more practical than MvC3's absurdly difficult Mission Mode.

So yeah, this game has been surprisingly fun, and there's definitely plenty here for me as a singleplayer-focused gamer, FAR more than the Capcom fighting games have had.  And before this game, I really wasn't much of a Mortal Kombat fan.  Currently waiting for my Komplete Edition download of the MK movie to finish, and I'll probably cap off the night with it.  I rather enjoyed the movie back in the 90s, but haven't seen it since.

The first Mortal Kombat film proves that game adaptation can be done right. It doesn't even really need to be a tie-in, it's a good film in itself.


--- Quote ---In a surprise move that originally started as a joke, Long Island Joe is in talks with pornography company Brazzers for a sponsorship. Brazzers has also stated they are considering getting more involved with the fighting game community including events and other potential sponsorships.

 The ramifications of this event are very debatable since the only detail known is the deal which is still in the air. What that entails from him as a player and what it means for Brazzers involvement in the fighting game community is currently unknown.
--- End quote ---

also Skullgirls is locked in for 4/11 now and I'm updating again after missing a week :(

Humans are the real monsters

only 5 more days oh goddddddddddddd


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