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This document will be updated as rules are re-added.

There will be only one thread per game. Please do not begin threads focused on a single level, character, item, feature, etc, unless the game is large enough to warrant (please ask a mod before you do). Please also avoid padding threads with posts that do not pertain to the game being discussed. Side topics can always be split by a mod and made into their own thread in General Gaming or General Chat. Please PM a mod for help with this.

Please include the name of the game in the thread title that you are beginning. Please do not label the thread with anything extraneous; we are trying to be organized now that there are a lot of games and a lot of people playing games. There is no need to use thread titles as if they are newsposts.

Examples of poor thread titles:
Superman 64 being developed by team that did Virtual Chess 64 zomg lawler skates
Superman 64 mega-awesome-thread of HAWTNESS

Examples of good thread titles:
Superman 64, developed by Titus Interactive
Superman 64

We don't want to be strict but the shorter and more descriptive, the better. Please keep thread titles about accessories equally descriptive.

Last and most important, please stay on topic!


such and ingenous idea


--- Quote from: Svevan on February 15, 2008, 04:12:54 AM ---Last and most important, please stay on topic!
--- End quote ---

Dang it, looks like I'm not allowed in Nintendo Console Discussion.  :(

I don't really support the whole unified thread names idea.  It takes away our community's character. Something that without it, the old forums weren't worth a damn.  We may have new forums now, but I don't want to kill our character over it.

I think this might be fixing something that wasn't really broken.  As long as the name of the game was in the title some where, we were doing okay.

NinGurl69 *huggles:


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