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New Animatrix movie up

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aoi tsuki:
The largest size still hasn't been uploaded. Definitely worth a look.

Edit: Link fixed.

What the hell is this? I think you got the wrong link dude. It's to a company called Animatrix, not the cool Anime Matrix that's released. Geez.

You can view it at the Official Matrix Website.
Or you can download it at Fileplanet.

I'm not usually into anime, but the Second Renaissance is awesome. Can't wait for part 2.

This is by far the coolest direct-to-the-net movie, (or whatever you want to call it) ever.  Part two can't come soon enough.

Man, I didn't know this was so cool.
It's like the story behind the Terminators as well!
The voice is like Sarah Conner's! "And for a time, it was good."

It's also pretty gruesome for The Matrix. But it IS an Anime, and they are usually gruesome. Especially the part where the guy's head get's ripped apart.


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