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Episode 863: Jaws 5: This Time It's Professional


Oft predicted, never foreseen.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/66367/episode-863-jaws-5-this-time-its-professionalIt's Partner Direct season, and the RFN crew is here to breakdown all the news from Nintendo's... I assume people with sources will say "delayed" Direct. We got a few Microsoft Games and not just old ones from Rare. We also got some updates on known titles, and a bunch of unexpected sea creatures.You know what's in the Direct, and if you don't - take a listen. We cover it all.After a break, we handle some New Business clean-up. James is done with the Trails from Zero/to Azure combo. Guillaume is ready to render final verdict on Actraiser: Renaissance and has returned to Yoshi's Island. Greg has some thoughts on Mother 3's return to circulation in Japan. He's also completed Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and begun Mario vs Donkey Kong. Lastly, Jon's investment in Ninja Five-O has gone up in smoke, thanks to Limited Run Games.Send us your final verdicts on Actraiser: Renaissance here.

For all the rumors and leaks, I find it fast and easy to blame Grubb :p


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