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Mafia 89 Resident Evil: RECVMake wrap up thread

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I was genuinely busy and half out of it this game due to life so being thought of as the mastermind is flattering. I hardly did anything. I was talking with Khush and we were going to try and start up a good old fashioned townie alliance when he was offed and I just lost track of things until I got pulled into the mafia. Even then everyone else did all the heavy lifting and I was just timing my vote as late as I could with the bandwagon.

Mop it up:
Thanks for taking the time to host BeautifulShy, it's been fun!

The MVP here is definitely SteefosauRSS, gotta give props to him and how much he was talking with everyone and figuring out a plan. I was pretty busy the first week which almost cost me, but then something weird happened and I got to keep going. I feel like we got some lucky breaks too; on day 4 we felt the townies had the most power and were gonna win it.

--- Quote from: Bungle4 on May 05, 2022, 01:54:46 PM ---Thanks to Beautiful Shy for all her hard work hosting. Obviously I am not the best mafia leader but you all are also way too good at this.
--- End quote ---
To be fair, things are a bit trickier when there are two Mafia teams. That means there are less players who care about "accidental" townie losses, which makes less reason to try stopping a vote and harder to swing things. For example, I wasn't fully sure you were one of the other Mafia, but other people were going along with it and taking out a townie was fine with us as well.

I'm curious, why did you target MASB on day one? He's like the only one left who goes all-in with the roleplay, very entertaining!


--- Quote from: Mop it up on May 05, 2022, 07:02:14 PM ---I'm curious, why did you target MASB on day one? He's like the only one left who goes all-in with the roleplay, very entertaining!

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I did feel bad about taking out one of the best role players but my strategy was to target townies and worry about the Ashford mafia later. MASB seemed to be a townie based on day one posting. I was pretty sure about LuigiDude and TOPHATANT123 being townies as well, which I guess they were.

After speaking with you I knew at least one of you, Order.RSS. or Stratos were mafia and that's why I tried to get the vote switched that way.

Luigi Dude:

--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on May 05, 2022, 02:15:21 PM ---Luigi Dude did you know that Mop it up might have been  Alexia and you wanted to be recruited?

--- End quote ---

It crossed my mind but the Wesker mafia was still a bigger treat at that time.  I was hoping the Ashford would try to either hit Wesker mafia members, or try to neiborize them, that way it we wouldn't be losing more townies.


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