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Mafia 89: RECVMake Neighbor Day 1

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Well, here I sit in my Firebird munching on some bacon and egg sandwiches I got from the local diner. Who knew there would be a quality greasy spoon in the South Pacific? Rockford's my kind of place. Leave boring stuff like diving for black pearls to the Tahitians.

Looking through my binoculars with built-in microphone, I may have had my first break in the case. A character named Lord Insanity (related to Ludwig?) accused Khushrenada (the mayor, I think) of being the killer. Khush said he was joking and that there was no killer. Makes sense. This Rockford Island didn't even have a population until a few months ago so there wasn't anyone around to kill. I think I'll slide a vote Insanolord's way. Even if I'm wrong and he's not suspicious, but merely insane, beating the bushes may bring out a more promising suspect.

Looks at watch. Better call in. *beep* This is Mrs. Moseley at the library. We billed you for your overdue book, "Karate Made Easy." We abuse our library, we don't get our cards renewed! *beep* Joke's on her. That was Rocky's library card! All those karate moves I Iearned may come in handy around this creepy place. Better get in some practice before I go to bed tonight Hi-Yuh!

Going to vote insanolord so we can avoid an unsavory tie effect

1 hour left in the day.

Vote tally

Mop it up-1

The thread is locked.

Tallying votes.

Insanolord is the unfortunate victim for Day 1.

His crime? Taking a joke for being serious and a lack of any leads on day 1.

I will reveal the results of who he was if anyone at the start of Day 2. 

Which will start after I get night actions from all you lovely folks with roles.

Those people are The Organization Mafia.  Wesker I need to hear from you directly. Sadler you too.

Also Claire, Steve and Sherry I need to hear from you as well. 

You can PM me on here or on Discord your night actions. I will also need confirmation that that is what your target will be.  If I get in all the results and confirmation on those I can start the next day early than the 24 hour night action period. 

That clock starts now.


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