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Mafia LXXXIX: Resident Evil Neighborizer Remake Rules and Roles thread



How to play Mafia

If you are on the townie side your goal is to vote out both mafias and make sure you live to the best of your abilities so you can win on the townie side.

if you are on the mafia side you need to eliminate the other Mafia and have equal or less townies to win the game.

How do I vote

You can vote by bolding vote and a player's name and that will be your vote.  You can change your vote by editing your previous vote and either unvoting like so unvote BeautifulShy or using the strike through on your vote.

[s ] vote players name [ /s] minus the spaces.  You will need to make a new post with your new vote in it to show all players a voting record.

What is a Mafia Hit?

A mafia hit is an action during the night to take out one player if not protected.  There are two mafias so it will be alternating hits. Alexia Ashford will be able to Neighborize on even Days.   I will have a Day 0 so she will be able to recruit one player before I send out other roles. Albert Wesker will be able to use the Mafia Hit on odd nights.
Alexia will get Night 2 and so on from there.

What happens in the event of a tie?

In the event there is a tie and the day is over then I will have a 30 minute period to break the tie.  Anyone can break the tie.  Be it someone unvoting for one of the players in a tie or someone who hasn't voted yet and then deciding to vote for one of the players in the tie. I will keep the 30 minute period going for that whole time and I will go with whoever has the most votes at the end.  If for whatever reason there is a tie still after the 30 minute period then I will randomly choose someone alive and kill them.

The day period will run for 48 hours or until a majority is reached and is held for at least a hour. The night action period, in which certain roles may submit their night actions will last for 24 hours after the end of day period. After those 24 hours have passed the next day will begin.  I will start the next day earlier if I get every action in and get confirmation that they don't want to change their night actions before the 24 hours are up.

Typically for my games I have a voting requirement but because of a certain role people can vote as much or as little as you like. It is up to the players to call out this sort of behavior and do something about it.

As there is two Mafia teams the two Mafia will alternate Night actions. The Organization Mafia will get odd game days to send in their actions. The Ashford Mafia will use their actions on even game days.

To win this game the Townies have to survive both Mafia and have at lease 1 player still alive to win.
 The Organization will need to destroy the Ashford Mafia of all of its members and have an equal or more members of the Mafia to townie players.

The Ashford Mafia will need to destroy the Organization Mafia of all of its members. They will also need to have equal or more members to the remaining townie players.

In the event one Mafia team dies the remaining Mafia team will be able to use their actions each day.

Roles of the game

Townie Roles

Claire Redfield- Investigator

Claire will be able to search one player each night if she so chooses.  She also has the option to save the investigation at night.   She is able to be Neighborized and if that happens she will still be able to use her investigations.  She can be protected from Neighborization if Steve Burnside protects her the night of her neighborization.  Oh also if Claire searches someone on Night 1 and then later on in the game that player gets neighborized she will not get updated info right away and she will have to use her investigation to research that player.  This is why she is able to save investigations for later.  It will be a balance.

Steve Burnside- Doctor

Steve will be able to have two self protections and will be able to protect someone else. So he can self protect and protect someone else during the same night.  He will be able to be neighborized and will join Alexia Ashford and have the protection powers still but once he has become neighborized any self protections will go away and only able to protect other players.

Sherry Burkin- Townie Encriptor

Sherry Burkin will be able to use their encryptor power by sending me a PM on the forums or Discord message detailing what they want me to say for them.  They will have 1 a day or they can save messages and so the next day they would be able to have two messages to the group of players.   This player cannot be neighborized.  Voting out or The Organization hit will be the only way to get rid of this player.

Mafia Roles

The Ashford Mafia

On Day 0 she will be able to select one player to Neighborize. Then I will send out the rest of the roles.

Alexia has the power of Neighborizer which makes it so she is able to recruit 1 player that she chooses.  It will be percentage based so 50% if she is successful or not.  If she Neighborizes Claire or Steve she will be able to use their powers but in doing so she cannot neighborize another player during the night she uses their powers.    She will start as a team onto herself and will need to gain new members.  She will be able to neighborize on even days.   

The Organization Mafia

Albert Wesker-Godfather

Wesker will be able to send in hits on odd days and will be able to remove one player out of the game.  If investigated he will show up as a normal townie. Wesker can be neighborized

Mafia Role Blocker- Osmond Sadler

This is the standard Role blocker role in games.  Osmond will be able to use this alongside any Mafia Hits that Wesker uses and can be a deterrent if Alexia Ashford neighborizes either Steve or Claire.  Sadler cannot be nighborized but he can be voted out of the game. If investigated he will show up as the Mafia Roleblocker to Claire

Mafia Goons-  There will be 1 of these and they have no powers.  They can be neighborized.  They will show up as Mafia Goons.

Mafia Succession

For the Ashford Mafia the way succession works is if Alexia dies then she will be able to message me who from the recruited will be the new leader.   If Alexia neighborizes Claire and selects her she will be able to do normal Mafia hits or she will be able to use an investigation on even nights.   

If Steve is neighborized and selected then he will be able to do a Mafia Hit or protect another Neighborized player.  If Steve is all alone  in the Mafia then he will be able to self protect at least two times before not being able to self protect and being able to be taken out.  If alone then he can still use the Mafia hit.

If a Mafia Goon or a townie is neighborized and selected to be the successor then they will only have the Mafia Hit for the Alexia Mafia.


All roles are out.  If you did not receive a PM from me then you are a normal townie.   Just so you know you can be neighborized, voted out or killed in a mafia hit.  But you can vote out other players to protect yourself.  Your goal is to vote out the two Mafia teams.

I will post the Day 1 thread tomorrow morning  9am PST.  The days will run 48 hours so this should give folks time to check the forum and confirm their role and then work on the game over the weekend.


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