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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four..m A Mafia! Day 8.

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Story Post.

Ah, back to falling behind on it again. My apologies. It's been a busy night and I've been doing too much posting here and on Discord and needed to catch up on things. Why did you choose now to finally Majority Vote? ;)  ;D

Announcements Post
Previous Day’s Results:


ShyGuy - Red Pikmin (Killed by Day Vote)
nickmitch - Townie (Killed by Mafia Hit)
stevey - Careening Dirigibug / Bomber (Killed by Vigilante)

Alright. Let's break this down. ShyGuy was the recruited player by the Mafia from Night 6 and was voted out by a majority yesterday. The Mafia in turn took out nickmich which gave them a pellet valued at 3 points which is added to the 1 point they still had left over from recruitment putting them at 4 points. Meanwhile, the Vigilante put a hit on the Bomber and took them out.

Now, you may be wondering, isn't the Vigilante dead as well? Usually when a player hits the bomber then both are eliminated. That is usually the case but it isn't for this game and you'd think with all that I typed in the rules that I would have made this more clear. The rules for the bomber were focused on the effect they have by being voted out and eliminating all those who vote for the bomber as well as bomb rocks. However, in this game, the bomber was included with all the other non-Mafia roles when I assigned out pellet values and even damage effects. In fact, the bomber had a damage effect assigned to them. It makes no sense to do that if a Mafia member targeted the bomber for a hit. They have to hope that the circumnavigate the damage effect just to get blown up anyways and then still don't get the pellet value assigned to that player? The only role that mentioned being blown up with the Bomber was the Killer role. The Killer would go down with the Bomber making that role the Killer's Achilles Heel as it were. However, the Vigilante role did not have that restriction or warning if they hit the Bomber. So, just like the Mafia could successfully hit the bomber and survive, the townie Vigilante could also get that same privilege. Since the Bomber is not on the townie side, the Vigilante stays a Vigilante and is not changed to a Killer role. Hope that's clear and makes sense to you all.

Current Master Onion Total: 4

Voting Time: For Day 8, the Day Thread will be open for about 45 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at Midnight EST Feb. 19 aka 9:00 PM PST Feb. 18. However, the Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are 8 players alive in this game meaning 5 votes would still be able to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today’s Pikmin Music: Pikmin Main Theme Remix from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Game has resumed.

Luigi Dude:
So out of the 4 non-vetted posters, one of them was the bomber.  But out of the 3 left, they're the ones who voted for Xander who was mafia on Day 5.  Now Bungle5 voted yesterday, but Wah and MASB were both absent.  With only 2 mafia left would they make it that obvious? 

Then again, Wah and MASB both voted for Xander right at the last hour before the voting stopped on Day 5.  Could the mafia have felt since they might be close to being able to recruit a new member that it was better to sacrifice one to get rid of suspicion?  I mean they did post within 10 minutes of each other, which leads me to believe there was communication going on behind the scenes.

Either way I'm pretty confident either Wah or MASB are the Blue Pikmin.  But I cant help but feel the Godfather is one of the vetted players who posted yesterday.  The mafia made a hit last night meaning the Godfather is clearly paying attention.  They would have known Shyguy was the Red Pikmin so they wouldn't be blown up by joining the bandwagon.

Any other townies want to comment on my theory.  Should we try to take out the Blue Pikmin, or guess who Olimar might be?

The Detective is having me publish this:

--- Quote from: The Detective ---

Daily Briefing Number 2

Researched Townie Players
- One of these could be a godfather -
Luigi Dude (vetted player)
Nickmitch (vetted player)
Order.Rss (vetted player)
ThePerm (vetted player)
Stratos (vetted player)
TopHatAnt123 (vetted player)
Wah (vetted player)

Not Vetted
-one of these IS the blue pikmin, and possibly Olimar-

If you are the vigilante or doctor get ahold of ThePerm AND Order.RSS. Another player will be on Rotation tomorrow to release the daily vetted briefing.

--- End quote ---

It's entirely possible they're both mafia.

Since Xander has been inactive for most of the game, it's possible that both Bungle and MASB bandwagoned their own team mate to build clout.

Of the two I would say MASB is more likely to be mafia, as Bungle was the first to vote, whereas MASB was the last.

With that in mind, Vote MASB


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