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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four...m A Mafia! Day 7.

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Excerpt from the President’s Business Log:

My, oh my. I keep thinking things can’t get any worse and then they do. I came into my office today only to find it had been beat and smashed to pieces. It was like an explosion had gone off in the room. Spray painted on the wall was the message “You face is next if you don’t pay your Union dues by tomorrow.” Things have really taken a perilous turn there so I decided it was probably better to go into more debt rather than be paying for facial reconstruction later. I tried to withdraw what I needed through my credit cards only to find out that they had already been maxed out! I was stupefied and then I looked over the purchases and saw that they were for all the kinds of things Lucy’s been asking me for. She must have gotten my card information and is now using it to make all kinds of extravagant online purchases. I’ve been calling and texting her for the past 9 hours but she hasn’t responded and I get no answer or see any signs of life at her apartment so I don’t know where she’s taken off too. I tried breaking in but then a neighbor walked by and I had to make a quick exit and now I’m scared to go back there in case I’m spotted again and have to start answering questions about why I’m there.

The only thing keeping me from jumping off the Hocotate High Suspension Bridge is that Kenny the Killer finally came by today with the weapons he needs smuggled to his client. We got them loaded up in Ol’ Bessie, which is what I call our first transport ship. It was with Ol’ Bessie that I started this company so many years ago. With Olimar and Louie both using our modern and usual transport ships, all I have available right now is Bessie. It’s a little worrying since we haven’t fired up Bessie for some time now as she needed to be modernized and updated and the cost didn’t seem worth it. I’m hoping she’s still got one last delivery run in her right now. It could make a big difference for me here.

At some point, I got a message from Olimar say he was happy to report that he was able to take some time and increase his Pikmin workforce. He’s now got more of his red Pikmin workhorses again which he got from.. yadda, yadda, yadda. Must be nice having a bunch of workers to help you out. I’d love to know how that feels someday. Instead I’m stuck back here doing everything on my own to hold things together. At least I’ve got one friend to give me some comfort. This bottle of rum that I’ve kept hidden in the roof of my office. Sweet rum, you’re the one that can make everything, everything, feel alright, alright.

Announcements Post
Previous Day’s Results:


(This space for rent.)

Mafia Action: Recruit.

The Mafia now have a Red Pikmin among their members again.

Current Master Onion Total: 1

Voting Time: For Day 7, the Day Thread will be open for a maximum of 48 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at 1:00 PM EST Feb. 17 aka 10:00 AM PST Feb. 17. However, the Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are still 11 players alive in this game meaning 6 votes would still be able to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today’s Inaccurate Pikmin Quote: Nothing! They weren’t that great anyways and I think you players need something more inspiring to help you out in this game so instead here’s the great bit of Pikmin music The Forest of Hope to hopefully inspire you to start blossoming more in game posts.

Game has resumed.

missed the Day last round, for now UnVote Wah

Vote Shyguy

The Detective is having me publish this:

--- Quote from: TheDetective ---Researched Townie Players
- One of these could be a godfather -
Luigi Dude (vetted player)
Nickmitch (vetted player)
Order.Rss (vetted player)
ThePerm (vetted player)
Stratos (vetted player)
TopHatAnt123 (vetted player)

Not Vetted
-one of these could be the bomber, there are currently 3 mafia members(Blue Pikmin, Red Pikmin, and Olimar)-

still active outed today mafia
Considering yesterday Olimar and the Blue Pikmin were  the only active mafia, this is the new recruit,
probably not the bomber as that should have been noted in the research

ShyGuy(Red Pikmin)

If you are the vigilante or doctor get ahold of Stratos AND Order.RSS. Stratos has not been briefed and this is news to him. Order.RSS knows who knows the detective(a messenger).

--- End quote ---

vote Shyguy


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