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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four..m A Mafia! Day 6.

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Excerpt from the President’s Business Log:

Oh god. My stress levels are so high right now I'm finding it hard to breath. My blood seems to creating echoes through my body with how hard it seems to be pumping throughout it. I got a report from Louie today that he was attacked by a ravenous atomic space monkey that ate all the bananas being shipped. He says he was able to eventually beat the beast off the ship and escape with his life but all cargo was lost. I reported this to the insurance company to get compensated but they refused. They say I'm trying to commit insurance fraud and don't believe there is such a thing as a ravenous atomic space monkey. Why does this always happen to Louie? Do space creatures sense his inexperience at being a shipper? I've told Louie that I need him back here to provide his evidence and testimony. However, the signal between us seems to have deteriorated after I told him about these developments and I haven't been able to reach him since. He better get back here soon because the last thing I need is to be further in debt here. I really need to get my hands on some cash and quick.

I've told Olimar that he better start trying to find some treasures while he's also building that vacation home. However, the treasure search doesn't seem to be going any better than the construction of the home. He says he suffered another disaster with his workforce. Some of the creatures in the area attacked and ate a large group of his yellow pikmin while they were idling. He had left them idling because he had to act fast and move a bunch of supplies to safety. He discovered there was something called a Careening Dirigibug that was wandering around the area and responsible for the bomb rocks that had been going off. Some bomb rocks had ended up close to the construction materials and equipment for the home so he had to get those explosives out of there quickly. While the chaotic nature of these bomb rocks was causing him some trouble, he had also seen some benefit from this when an annoying sheargrub that he called lolmonade ended up getting blasted to pieces by a bomb rock that had been dropped off close to them exploded while it was napping. I guess this sheargrub had been trying to dismantle parts of the perimeter wall so that problem was now dealt with. Even though he now has a small workforce, he was able to use the few pikmin he had as he lead them into battle against a Burrowing Snagret that would pop up out of the ground here and there to try and snag some of their supplies or attack at his pikmin. With the Snagret dealt with, he thinks it will be easier to move about in the area and check for treasure as well as get construction back on track but he does wish he had more pikmin to help.

Yeah, well, I'm starting to wish I was never born. We all got troubles, pal. Maybe my mistress Lucy can help ease my worries. Heaven knows I could use a soothing distraction right now.

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Xander - Yellow Pikmin (Killed by Day Vote)
lolmonade - Townie (Killed by Bomb Rock)
Plugabugz - Vote Master / Burrowing Snagret (Killed by Mafia Hit)

With the elimination of Xander, the Mafia is down to two players: Olimar and the Blue Pikmin. The Mafia made a hit on Plugabugz. The hit was done by Olimar who suffered a bit of damage due to the Water Damage Effect that had been assigned to Plugabugz dropping Olimar's health meter to 2/3 health. The Mafia gained a pellet with the value of 4 from the hit which has been automatically added to the Master Onion's total. lolmonade had a bomb rock on him which reached the third night in play thus exploding and taking him out with it.

Current Master Onion Total: 6

Voting Time: For Day 6, the Day Thread will be open for a maximum of about 48 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at 12:30 AM EST Feb. 15 aka 9:30 PM PST Feb. 14. However, the Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 11 players still alive in this game meaning 6 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today’s Inaccurate Pikmin Quote:

Well, with the loss of the Vote Master and one of the best ways to get rid of the bomber, I wonder how the players are going to deal with that situation now? Guess we'll find out.

Also, I've since gone back and gotten caught up on the story for whatever that's worth.

Honestly, I was just voting for Xander for inactivity and did not expect anyone to follow. When folks did I was worried that I started a badwagon. Hopefully this lets townies know of at least a few people they can trust, of course we might all have targets on our petals now. What the Hoctatians don't know is that for every pellet posie you pluck, 5 will grow back in the same place.

Luigi Dude:
So Bungle5, Wah and MASB all voted for Xander, which means I'd imagine they're all townies since I'm not sure why the mafia would be willing to sacrifice one of their own, especially when it wasn't a huge bandwagon going on.  BeautifulShy sent a message to me and Nickmitch to vote for Mop It Up, so we know the both of us are townies.  With Plugabugz being taken out by the mafia after voting TOPHATANT123, it feels like they're trying to set him up.  If TOPHATANT123 was mafia, I don't know why they'd make a move that might risk drawing attention when there's still a lot of players left.  So I'm going to imagine TOPHATANT123 is also a townie.


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