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The purpose of this thread is simple. If you want to host a mafia game, just say so in this thread and I'll mark it down. That way, we don't have people confused about when the next game is or who is doing it. And it's first come, first serve.

Mafia 89: Resident Evil: Remake (BeautifulShy)
Mafia 90: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Khushrenada)
Mafia 91: Hades (Order.RSS)
Mafia 92:

A couple reminders:

If you want to mention a theme or date as well, that will also be put up on the board and reserved for you.

You can still start your sign-up thread in the Funhouse for visibility and then it will be moved here.

Yes, you will have mod powers. Don't abuse them.

If your plans change and you can't host, say so and I'll will update the board.

If you want to talk about the hosting aspects of mafia and give advice or tips of what you like or don't like, you can do so in this thread also.

That's it.

I remember after the sonic game thatguy wanted to host the game after stevey.

I thought RAB may have mentioned something also so that's why I earmarked it as such for him. I can't recall about thatguy but that might be because he's been away for awhile again.

Yeah its been since December 8th since he signed in.I tried to get people to get in contact with him before the Hawtness game but we didn't have much luck.

I was wondering what a host needs to know to host?What advice can previous hosts give me?


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