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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring pimps and mafioso guess judges! DAY 1

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Malon: What are you afraid of? Their already dead.
Ruto: Yes, but who or what killed them?
Malon: I don't know, these are the right direction to hawtness pageant aren't they?
Ruto: Of course, it's supposed to be at the end of the haunted well in the grave yard.
Malon: But, don't you think this is an odd place for a Hawtness pageant after all. Who gave you these directions anyway?
Ruto: Khushrenada of course....
Ruto: :'( I think we're lost.....
Malon: Great....

*~Else where~*

Miyamoto: My Malon sense is tingling! The rest of the contestant: start the game without me.
*Puts on a green tunic and rides off into the sunset*
<img src=">

Mizu no naka ni yoru ga yureteru
Kanashii hodo shizuka ni tatazumu
Midorinasu kishibe

Utsukushii yoake wo
Tada matte iraretara
Kirei na kokoro de

Kurai umi to sora no mukou ni
Arasoi no nai basho ga aruno to
Osiete kureta no wa dare
Dare mo ga tadori tsukenai
Soretomo dareka no kokoro no naka ni

Mizu no nagare wo shizumete
Kureru daichi wo uruosu shirabe
Ima wa doko nimo nakutemo
Kitto jibun de te ni ireruno
Itsumo, itsuka, kitto

Mizu no akashi wo kono te ni
Subete no honoo wo nomikonde nao
Hiroku yasashiku nagareru
Sono shizukesa ni tadoritsuku no
Itsumo, itsuka, kitto
Anata no te wo tori...

It is quite clear that Kush, while well spoken, and seemingly right can't be believed. I do not believe his words will end this conflict in a meaning full way that will allow for free and fair continuation of this Pageant.

Also his lack of Hawtness do him no favors.

Vote Kush

Oh goody. A new mafia game. I just love these things. Ha ha. My plan to trick Malon and Ruto worked. Less competiton for me. Now, who else should I boot? Let's take a look at the list.

Khushrenada - Mmm, maybe I'll keep this person around for awhile.

Vudu - Although I know he plans to kill me in the future and win, I must let him live for awhile to ensure I make it to the end. Gotta avoid that butterfly effect and change things to radically at first.

Maxi - Gotta see what he does this game first.

nickmitch - Good player but can stay low. Maybe I should make him earn it.

Dasmos - You just never know what side he's one. Mr. Suspicion.

DAaaMan64 - Eh, let him live awhile.

Plugabugz - Screwed by timezone, I'll let him be.

EasyCure - Killed him early once before, let him off this time.

Spak-Spang - Might partner with me, I'll let him be.

TheNorthSea - Fresh meat. Yes!

Gylldas - Felt bad killing him last game, he gets a day 1 pass.

RABicle - Naw, just too awesome.

insanolord - Tempting

TheFleece - Whoa, more fresh meat. Fantastic.

oohhboy - It's been awhile. A pass.

Stogi - As we all know, Stogi often screws himself. I'll wait for that happen.

NuclearSpeed - Another absentee. Another pass

Pale - Good player if he is able to get in the game. Always causes some fun. I want him to stick around.

Well, I say we make this pagent interesting. Elite players form up and join me in the fight against the weaker players. And that means you, TheFleece.

un-Vote TheFleece

Khushrenada surely you must have a reason for voting for Fleece SO early in the game.

Well I Vote Khush for voting for a new player. Weak as sin.


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