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Mafia 89 Resident Evil: RECVMake wrap up thread

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I just want to say that the game could have been drastically different if those ties were not broken. 

On the first tie with Mop it up and Nickmitch if the tie wasn't broken then TopHatAnt123 would have been randomly selected and kicked out of the game. 

That was Day 2 so the Mafia could have hidden more although aside from Mop it up and stevey there was no search targeted at the Mafia and Mop it up came back as townie and stevey role blocked the investigation on Night 3. 

If lolmonade didn't break that tie on Day 3 then stevey would have been gone and altering the game a bit and maybe making the game end sooner with it ending with the recruitment of Stratos.   Also there would have not been the role block on Mop it up so there would not have a need for a protection on Mop it up to stop the role block.  Maybe Luigi Dude gets recruited instead of Stratos because it was setting up that was with how Luigi Dude didn't protect themselves and yet protect Mop it up.   

Luigi Dude did you know that Mop it up might have been  Alexia and you wanted to be recruited?


--- Quote ---Stratos started the game as a townie and was recruited on Night 4 to the Ashford Mafia
--- End quote ---
But I blocked Mop it up on night 4... And Khush on day 1&2....

--- Quote ---there would not have a need for a protection on Mop it up to stop the role block
--- End quote ---

Stevey with Khushreanda on Day 1 you blocked the saved message and each day Khushreanda got a new message to use. So he had one message for Day 2 to use. 

As for the role block on mop it up you and Luigi Dude target her the same night and will all actions happening at once the protection stopped any night actions befalling Mop it up or any other player but it was a risk if there was no more self protect for the doc. I could have done it via time stamps on night actions but that can be unfair to folks so I went with all actions at the same time. If I had done it that way then a lot of actions wouldn't of happened.

Not to mention that there was a 50/50 randomizer so it could have failed.

Thank you for hosting BeautifulShy, I had a blast and hope others did too!

Apologies to everyone I spun lies to, just part of the game. Y'all didn't make it easy, so I had to write down which lies I'd told whom - just to keep my stories straight across different conversations.

It was pretty clear our jig would be up after Night 5: if Lolmonade was voted out Mop would look sus, there wouldn't be enough Townies left for us to pretend to be, plus TopHatAnt would likely search me and was already onto Stratos, and Stevey would probably aim to hit an Ashford to stay in the game.
We were running out of runway and had to swing big to pull out a win. Thanks to Stratos and Mop for the fun scheming, and thanks everyone for playing!

Hope to see y'all in the next forum game, Safe Words 19!

That was a great game everyone.

My investigations were:
1. Stratos
2. Mop it up
3. Attempted Stevey but got blocked
4. Luigi Dude

Logically by day 4 I knew there were 1 organization, 1 ashford and 1 townie between Order.rss, Lolmonade and stevey.

stevey I correctly assumed was the Organization mafia.

Order.rss had gained my trust in various ways. The most convincing was pretending to not know how Ashford recruitment works. Since I was pretty sure stevey was mafia, I assumed that Order had to be a townie and told them my identity on day 4. Hook line and sinker. Then I assumed it must have been Lolmonade that was the Ashford mafia of the trio.

Since Order had my trust, he knew exactly what I wanted to hear from Mop it up. That post on day 5 sealed the deal, and I took that to mean that by process of elimination Stratos was the Ashford mastermind.

The post I made on day 5 was an attempt to encourage stevey to go after Stratos during the night, so we could even up the playing field.

Order had so gained my trust, I asked them to pretend to be the detective, to act as a go-between with Luigi Dude, who I feared had been recruited during the night. As it was fairly obvious to me that Luigi Dude was the doctor, after protecting themselves.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was not thinking ahead about the Luigi Dude investigation. If I strongly suspected he was the doctor, I should have investigated lolmonade or Order. That would have ensured we wouldn't have directed our votes toward lolmonade who was a regular townie.

Really enjoyable game all round, thank you BeautifulShy!


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