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Sorry for all the questions.  

With the talkback forum, it says that only PGC staff can post new threads there.

Anyway, below that, it says the Trivia Forum is reply-only.

Could not the talkback forum be made reply-only too so that non-moderators (non PGC staff) could not make new threads there?

In eerie similarity to the Challenger disaster nearly seventeen years ago, Columbia falls apart 38 miles above Texas during re-entry.Nearly seventeen years to the date the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in the early morning hours in front of a startled nation.  So many people are wondering if they were watching a history reel when confronted with the news this morning that the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia met the same terrible fate.  Many of the circumstances are different, but it is a tragedy of similar proportions, nonetheless.
We'll leave the details to the regular news sites (CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo News), but our hearts go out to the families of the crew of Columbia, and to everyone else affected by this terrible accident.  Godspeed, Columbia.


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