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Why Fuse Talk?


Why did PGC pick FuseTalk as opposed to vBulliten or PHPBB (which are faster due to PHP)?

Also, can I delete my own posts now?

We picked FuseTalk, because it ran the old Forums (before we had to shut them down), we had all the custom code already in place, and because it was already paid for (out of Rick's own pocket, no less).

As for deleting your own posts, no.  You can EDIT your posts, but we removed the delete ability because people need to take responsibility for their posts.  And it gives us a trail.


I was thinking the delete post ability would be something that would help PGC.

Say someone gets mad, and posts something not-so-nice and rule-breaking.  If they could delete it right after they realize that then that would mean mods wouldn't have to go in and lock it and/or do a banning.

Frankly, we'd rather catch the hotheads.  Think of it this way ... you could go post a whole bunch of obscenities, piss people off, then delete it before the mods see it.  No thanks.  At least this way, even if they edit what they posted, the proof that they posted SOMETHING is still there, so we can catch them.

If a post is so bad that we don't want it viewable, we mods can delete it ourselves.  But if you post something flagrantly awful and then immediately regret it, and that is a valid possibility, your best bet is to edit it immediately and apologize with an explanation of the edit.  And then make sure that you learn from the experience and don't repeat the mistake.


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